Negai No Astro Chapter 1: Explained and Characters

Negai No Astro definitely created an anticipation among many of Ken Wakui fans. After the long anxious wait, Negai No Astro Chapter 1 released on April 15, 2024 on Manga-Plus for the readers. Negai No Astro is known as Astro Royale in the English version of it.
Fans of Tokyo Revengers, a Delinquent based manga is still loved by many and but the manga left many readers dismayed. No one expected a bad ending to its 278 chapters.

Luckily for the length of Negai No Astro Chapter 1 is 62 pages giving the readers to go through a good long read and to keep them captivated in the story of Hibaru Yotsurugi, the upcoming boss of the Yotsurugi Gang.

Characters of Negai No Astro Chapter 1

Negai No Astro Chapter 1
Credits: Manga Plus

Chapter 1 of Negai No Astro, shows us 6 characters that are Hibaru Yotsurugi , Terasu Yotsurugi (12th adopted son), Kou Yotsurugi (11th adopted son), Kongo Yotsurugi (HIbaru’s father), Ginji Yobana, and Shio Yotsurugi (1st adopted son)

Negai No Astro Chapter 1 explained

With the beginning of the Astro Royale manga, we are able to see Hibaru Yotsurugi entering the street with a long coat with diamond shaped symbols on the side over his open bare chest body, along with a comfortable pair of pajamas and light shoes. He also is wearing a pendent which almost looks a bullet. Hibaru starts speaking by asking an old man about the protection money that he has come to collect but what we see is him being handed a bubble gum by the old man and in return Hibaru gives the old man money.

Terasu Yotsurugi oin Negai no Astro
Credits: Manga Plus – Terasu Yotsurugi

This is the time when the 12th adopted son known as Terasu Yotsurugi is introduced. It seems like both of them are like real brothers with the way, they converse with each other but anyhow during the first glimpse, we surely understand that Hibaru has a heart of gold and is kind to others.

Kou Yotsurugi
Credits: Manga Plus – Kou Yotsurugi

It’s currently his dad’s funeral in the manga , which is a good way of introducing the readers with some of the supporting characters of Negai No Astro. The main lead – Hibaru is seen entering a funeral home which is known as Asakusa funeral home, where we meet another character known Kou Yotsurugi (11th adopted son), this character actually seems like the corny type who also seemingly looks like he wants to be the next boss after the death of Kongo Yotsurugi.

Kou can be seen always making fun of Hibaru, and thinks that he is still a child and doesn’t understand how the Yotsurugi’s family business should be run. The other reason also showing a low value connection between the both of them. If you were to leave both Kou and Hibaru in a room, we feel they might take each other’s life for sure.

Kongo Yotsurugi Photo
Credits: Manga Plus – Kongo Yotsurugi (extreme right)

In the next scene of Negai No Astro Chapter 1, we see a picture of the late Kongo Yotsurugi and some of the gang members sitting down giving respect to their late boss. We also see another supporting character that looks as if he might become a very important part of the story, the first adopted son – Shio Yoturugi. Shio Yotsurugi has a mix of blonde and black hair with a tattoo on his left side of the neck. He is the underboss of the Yotsurugi family and holds the power on the Hawks faction which is the biggest faction there is in the Negai No Astro manga.

Shio Yotsurugi
Credits: Manga Plus – Shio Yotsurugi

Ken Wakui known for the surprising twists, doesn’t leave his chance here as well. Most of the readers might expect Shio or Hibaru to take the position of the boss but Hibaru instead greets all the members of the Yotsurugi family, goes on to mention that the last wish of the first boss of Yotsurugi family is to appoint Terasu Yotsurugi as the new boss.

Asakusa Bullet
Credits: Manga Plus – Asakusa Bullet

Wakui, also takes us to the past when Hibaru was a young child, It can be seen that his father – Kongo – is clinching on to a long bullet in his hand while throwing fists at a man on the streets. It doesn’t portray the fighting skills but rather the philosophy of Kongo who believed that fighting for the people was the main motive. Kongo is seen as the top boss in Kanto, and because of his method of throwing punches while holding bullets in his fist, he is called the “The Asakusa Bullet” during the Showa Era.

We also meet with another character who seems to be Kongo’s advisor, who as a thin moustache and is in a suit, known as Ginji Yobana. Kongo seems to be a softie for orphans in the manga as he is known to adopt many orphans into his family, who later started pitching in his work and became a pact which would be stronger than blood known as the “Diamond Bond“.

Diamond Bond
Credits: Manga Plus – Diamond Bond

Moving further in the Negai No Astro Chapter 1, we see that Hibaru definitely wants the good for the Yotsurugi family, therefore he lied to the family by saying Terasu is the new boss when actually it is Hibaru who should be taking over. Next thing we know is the one we were waiting for the super powers.

You might have seen many movies if not anime, where the main lead receives powers from a meteor after it crashs. In the same way, Hibaru starts wishing under a meteor shower hoping to get his wish fulfilled, which is when a meteor does come crashing towards them but instead of hurting them, it fulfills Hibaru’s wish of becoming the strongest Yakuza ever. The meteor grants him that wish giving him super natural powers but seems like he wasn’t the only one to receive the powers.

The whole story is very detailed, and you can see various characters and elements connecting with each other from Hibaru to his adopted brothers to the Asakusa bullet he wears on his neck the whole time. Definitely hoping on the Chapter 2 to release soon in the Shonen Jump manga as Negai No Astro Chapter 1 already gotten us hooked to the amazing story timeline of Astro Royale.

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