Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura Release Date, Where to Watch & Plot

Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura is a showdown everyone is expecting anxiously. It will be releasing on June 6, 2024 on Netflix. Baki Hanma and Ohma Tokita are both exceptional fighters with one who follows the style of shadow boxing and grapling, while the other has a rare fighting skill known as Niko style.

Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura
Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura

Plot of Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura

Wondering what’s the plot of Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura? Well, even we don’t know but what we know as per anime forums, Quora and Reddit discussions on the upcoming anticipated anime is that it will revolve around their unique fighting skills and raw strength. Baki Hanma , the son of Yuujirou Hanma is well known as the strongest teenager, who’s raw fighting skills make someone with big broad shoulders and large muscle headed opponents such as Biscuit Oliva sweat.

On the other hand, We have Ohma Tokita, a former student of Niko Tokita who taught Ohma the rare Niko style. Ohma has an big ace in the hole which even Baki might be afraid of known as the possessing spirit.

Who has the upper hand Baki or Ohma

Since the release of the Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura teaser in YouTube there has been various debates on Reddit and Quora with fans trying to argue, who might be the last standing man?

Sorry to disappoint the fans of Ohma Tokita, but we believe Baki is the ultimate winner. Let’s first talk about Ohma Tokita and his fighting style. Ohma Tokita fights using the Niko Style who’s main pillar consists of The Four Katas which include Adamantine Kata, Flame Kata, Redirection Kata, and Water Kata.

Each of these Katas or techniques are not considered powerful but are basic fighting principals that can be used by the user no matter what condition the user is in. Along with that Ohma does have two other techniques known as Demonsbane and Possessing Spirit.

Both of these techniques are very powerful, Demonsbane is a technique in which four katas can act as one , it allows the user to change the direction of the opponent’s attack towards the opponent to inflict damage.

Another one being Possession Spirit, which allow Ohma Tokita to pump more blood towards his heart, giving him enhanced power, torque and maximize his damage output.

On the other-hand, We have Baki Hanma aka the Grappler who is known for his raw strength, and techniques learnt from various fights and he even fought his own father who has fought a natural predator of a T-Rex. Baki has the capability to react to his opponent in the matter of 0.5 seconds.

Along with this Baki has already mastered the art of redirection known as “Aiki”, if Ohma plans on using Demonsbane, it would be useless since Baki has mastered it long back. Baki has also learnt the cockroach’s dash during his Shadow training, which allows him to set his acceleration to the maximum output. When Baki used his Cockroach dash against his father, Yuujirou Hanma, it was noticed that the speed is 168 MPH, meaning an acceleration of 00.01 milliseconds.

Baki is a natural learner which also means that he is one of those fighters who can mimic and learn his opponent’s fighting style in a matter of minutes, which further puts Ohma in trouble.

Conclusion of Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura

For us we believe that Baki, would be the one to take the win, but future is unpredictable and we are not sure how aces exactly does Ohma have under his sleeves. As, we anticipate the action-packed anime, we hope we that we are wrong about Ohma Tokita.

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