Negai No Astro: What to expect from this new manga?

Negai No Astro from Tokyo Revenger writer
A poster of the new manga from Tokyo Revenger’s writer, Ken Wakui

In this blog post, we will be discussing on what you can expect from “Negai No Astro” by Wakui. After two final years, Ken Wakui has finally come out of his cave and gave his fan’s a taste of the first poster look of his upcoming Manga also known as “Astro’s Wish

If you don’t know who is Ken Wakui! He is the original creator of Tokyo Revengers, based on a group of delinquents who love riding bikes and throwing punches to save their so called Toman. So, getting to the point, are you wondering what can you expect from the new manga from Wakui based off his past manga. Well, let me put it down for you.

Gang theme is the name

Why a gang again? From what we have known from his past Manga such as Tokyo Revengers and Desert Eagle. We can expect that Negai No Astro might also feature a group of amateurs who become friends and take on some evil doers as always. Wakui’s manga are always based on a group of delinquents trying to portray good over evil through the means of making a group of boys and fighting their way to the top and giving the people around them a sense of protection.

Wakui loves to bring the the features of Gang or Yakuza into as his primary element. Maybe, Ken Wakui would have been a Yakuza or a subordinate of petite gang, had it not been his talent for being such a talented manga artist.

Fist Fights and logic

If you take Wakui’s famous comedy manga Shinjuku Swan, even that had a bit of action among the comedy which involved fist fights. He is not an artist to throw down a manga without any kind of action, which might be also one of his reason behind his less focus towards the logical parts of his series. We really hope that the logic gap is fulfilled this time along with action all the way in Negai No Astro. Not long ago, Wakui faced backlash and criticism on Twitter on his bad writing in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241.

Supernatural all the way

Another information provided about the new upcoming manga from Shonen Jump was that this manga will be falling into a supernatural category. Making us all the more eager and anticipating the first release of Negai No astro.

Coming to the date of release, Shonen Jump news has mentioned that it will be releasing in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #20, which is arriving on the 15th April, 2024.

As more information releases, we will keep you folks up to date about it.

When will Negai No Astro release?

Shonen Jump news has mentioned that it will be releasing in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #20, which is arriving on the 15th April, 2024.

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