Wind Breaker Ep 1: What we know about Sakura Haruka

Wind Breaker Ep 1 starts off its anime series with a story of delinquent kid character very similar to the upcoming shonen manga “Negai No Astro” who is known as Sakura Haruka, who has been troubled by people not liking him always. They often complain about him fighting with others, his hair color and eyes color not matching therefore perceiving him as a monster residing inside a human body of a boy. This anime series of Wind Breaker shows the transformation of Sakura Haruka, from a wannabe delinquent to a hero of the town folks. Let’s begin knowing what we know about Sakura Haruka from Wind Breaker Ep 1.

Sakura Haruka
A still from Wind Breaker Ep 1

A Lonely Soul

If you haven’t understood but it can be seen that Sakura Haruka is a lonely soul who doesn’t like conversations with strangers. During his introduction as the main protagonist of the anime series, it was shown that he’s disliked by others which has cast a shadow of loneliness on him further more adding to it was the continuous disgrace he faced due to his facial features such as his hair color which is split into white and hair and his different eye colors which seemingly makes him look like a monster out of a movie.

Wannabe Delinquent

Sakura Haruka low key wants to be a Delinquent no matter what. He mentions to the lady chef whom he saves earlier from a group of delinquents that he joined Furin High School only for the sake of rising on top of each and every so called gangsters within the town. He wants to showcase his machoism and fighting skills so that people may pay respect to him out of fear.

A Softie Inside All the Hard Shell

He has this craze for fighting every delinquent but there is one thing which diversifies him from the other delinquents as a whole, that is his kind heart. In the beginning, he is seen saving the lady chef from a group of delinquents even when it was not his problem to begin with. He later helps bring a gift bag to an elderly man which was forgotten by him. And again he saves the lady cook from delinquents who try to cause a chaos and hurt her. All these gestures show that no matter how hard the protagonist tries to play the evil villain ,Sakura Haruka is truly a softie within a hard shell.

Truly a Fighter

So far one thing that is true about the new hero of Makochi, He is one man army that can take on many while being alone. In the beginning when he tries to save the lady, he bashes each and every delinquent to pulps as if they were just a bunch of fruits. His aggression, agility and flexibility makes him one of the strongest in the Wind Breaker anime so far.

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