Bartender Glass of God Ep 1: An Upscale Cocktail Review

The anime Bartender Glass of God one of the most anticipated anime by fans through out the world. The official teasers of the anime made it seem a very elegant and detailed manga based on drama and gourmet.


Ryuu Sasakura a prodigy bartender who works in Eden Hall, a hidden private bar in the Ginza District. Sasakura kun creates impeccable and exquisite cocktails for his patrons , that offer them a unique flavor and experience which they might have not been presented before. It is said that the Eden Hall only comes to those who are in trouble or looking for answers. Sasakura Kun offer these troubled patrons, drinks that allow them to relax.

First Glimpse of Bartender Glass of God

The opening of the first episode of Bartender Kami No Glass starts off with a saying from Ryuu Sasakura where he mentions only two professionals take their work in a perfectionist manner one being a pharmacist and the other a bartender.

A gentle jazz type of music along with short animated footages of drinks, elegant bottles and bartender meticulously prepare their signature detailed drink with a very refined presentation. This shows us that the manga creator has taken a very serious consideration of every detail of a bartender in the hospitality industry.

Glass of God

a footage of Hotel Cardinal in the Anime
A still from Bartender Glass of God

In the beginning of the episode we are able to find out why the title of the anime is “Bartender Glass of God” . Taizo Kurushima,who is the chairman of the Hotel Cardinal, is looking for a bartender but most importantly who can make the Glass of God for him.

The Business planning division is seen taking a bartender test , where we first notice the specific details the chief of business planning division takes into consideration. The first bartender prepares a “Martini” but fails as the chief questions him as how could he serve such a strong drink without asking the patron if he/she has eaten food or not. Talk about details of this anime!

The second one prepares a “Grasshopper” a Pousse cafe styled drink, that uses different densities of liquids so that the drink does not mix and looks almost like a rainbow in the glass. Fails terribly as all the liquids end up mixing with each other. We don’t see small details but it feels like as if this animation series is also providing us with some basic knowledge in the mixology department.

Miwa Senpai and her search for the perfect Bartender

Review made on the main character of the anime who is a bartender
A review from Blog Hopper

Miwa Senpai or also who is known as Miwa Kurushima finds a review online from a local guide known as Bar Hopper. He writes ” A great place to enjoy drinks. He’ll pinpoint your tastes and thrill you. The service is excellent. You’ll want to keep going back knowing that each time you do, he’ll thrill you with new pleasures. The bartender is named Sasakura. He won a cocktail competition in Europe and has top-notch skills.

With this the hunt began for the “Glass of God”, one thing that keeps on being mentioned through out the episode is that Sasakura has worked in abroad and won various competition. But no one knows why he is back in Japan and that too in a private bar where in he could actually work in a more public environment to showcase his amazing skills.

The Elegant Eden Hall

eden hall drinks
Luxurious bottles kept on the shelf in Eden Hall

Miwa and her collogue who enter first the elegant Eden Hall are mesmerized by its ambience, and so they should be. It shows a well lighted bar with two gentle men sitting in the corner side of the bar enjoying their drinks. It really shows the manner of a decent private bar to sit and relax in.

One of the customer seems to be familiar with Sasakura, who is the bartender. When he approaches the ladies he remembers the two ladies, but acts in such a courteous way without showing any awkwardness or improper body language which is the key for professionals working in the hospitality sector.

Detailed drinks by Bartender Glass of God

A Still from the anime " Bartender Glass of God" where the bartender serves a delicate high ball with whiskey and soda
A highball being served to Miwa Senpai

This is where we were the most mesmerized by the work of the script , the detail of the drinks, lighting, animation, the details of the mixology and gentle body language of the main character. The colleague of Miwa notices that Ryuu is able to make the perfect Glass Hopper in matter of 30 seconds which motivates them to take a trial test of this so called prodigy. I mean why not, it would be a chance for them to figure of the skills of Sasakuru in real time.

The colleague tries to ask for a Martini but as a Bartender he is so professional that he realizes, that she has not eaten anything. Therefore, he prepares a drink known as “Cosmopolitan” as requested by her.

Miwa Senpai on the other hand tries to take it up a notch for the so called “Bartender Glass of God” and asks him to prepare what he believes would be perfect for her. He in return makes a highball which disappoints her. Come on who wouldn’t be disappointed, after all its a simple drink which can be made any rookie in the hospitality industry.

We thought so too, but everything changes when she takes the first sip of the “Highball” she feels that it is gentle yet refreshing even with whiskey in it.

Ryuu Sasakuru tells her that he had noticed her broken button on her sleeve and her upside down wrist-watch, which made him notice that she had been troubled because of work. Therefore, he added less alcohol, soda, and Ice which has been shaped and stored in freezer which makes it harder to melt faster once in the drink.

Even, we didn’t notice this much through out the episode but we can definitely say that the script has been written to perfection just exactly how they want their character of Ryuu to be perfect in everything he does. He even mentions a definition of bartender by which we were speechless. “A bar is a perch upon which to rest, tender means gentle and kind, therefore a bartender means Gentle-perch.” I have never heard a bartender telling me all this detail ever.

We can say on thing for sure is that this is just the beginning of the anime and we are totally loving it.

Who is Bartender Glass of God?

The Bartender Glass of God is Ryuu Sasakuru.

Where is Eden Hall located?

The Eden Hall is located in the downtown area of Ginza district.

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