Discover the 5 Essential Characters of Astro Royale Shonen Manga

Astro Royale Chapter 1 released on April 15, the first Shonen jump manga series from Ken Wakui after 2 years. It introduced the readers with its 5 main characters including Hibaru Yotsurugi. Let’s begin introduced the 5 Astro Royale characters in Chapter 1.

Astro Royale Shonen jump manga series
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Hibaru Yotsurugi

Hibaru Yotsurugi is the main leading hero of the new Shonen manga series – Astro Royale. Hibaru is the son of Kongo Yotsurugi, who is the boss of Yotsurugi family. He is the only legitimate child of Kongo and is a kind person in nature. He can be seen walking around in a black over-coat which might resemble to Micky’s overcoat from Tokyo Revengers manga. Hibaru Yotsurugi loves following the old fashion style of his dad, quite noticeable through his actions, He believes himself to be a Yakuza with a golden heart, that is often misinterpreted by others.

Terasu Yotsurugi

Terasu is the twelfth adopted son of Kongo in the Yotsurugi Family. He is a character with low temperament which makes him best suited as a negotiator in the Yotsurugi Family business. He is also the underboss of Hibaru as appointed by Kongo Yotsurugi during his last breath in the hospital bed. Terasu Yotsurugi is appointed as the new boss of Yotsurugi Family as Hibaru does not want the family to split up in Chapter 1 of Astro Royale.

Kou Yotsurugi

Kou is the 11th adopted son of Kongo in the Yotsurugi Family. He prefers always arguing with Hibaru, as he is never pleased with his ambitious dream of taking over the Yotsurugi Family and running the business with old school methods. Kou can be seen taunting Hibaru whenever he gets his chance. Kou always has an evil smile on his face which makes it hard to understand his real motives behind becoming the boss of Yotsurugi.

Shio Yotsurugi

Shio seems to be one of the strongest in Astro Royale. He is the oldest Adopted son of Yotsurugi Family. Shio is the first adopted son of Kongo and is the current underboss of Yotsurugi. He has a large tattoo on the right side of his neck and can be seen wearing a proper suit. Shio Yotsurugi is considered to be the next boss from the members of Yotsurugi as he has the largest faction, the Hawk faction behind him. Shio can be seen as a wise yet cunning character in chapter 1 of the manga series.

Kongo Yotsurugi

Kongo Yutsurugi also known as the “Asakusa Bullet” by the people in Kanto as he used to save people from those who would harass them. Kong was the strongest boss and he loved orphans, which made him adopt them whenever he liked a child from the orphanage center. Kongo Yotsurugi is the first boss of the Yotsurugi Family, he has also appointed Hibaru to take over the Family along with Terasu to become Hibaru’s underboss, While, making his last wish, Kongo handed the strongest bullet to Hibaru and a small shield looking amulet to Terasu.

Who is Hibaru’s father?

Kongo Yotsurugi is the Father of Hibaru Yotsurugi.

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