Disney Princess Movies List in Hindi You Missed Out

Disney princess movies has a tight hold on young girls as it has always appealed to the young audience as the princess always showed a growth of self-esteem, persistence and bravery. With multi-cultural background, we present to you Disney princess movies list in Hindi, which you might have missed out on.

Disney Princesses impact the young girls as it provides them with what might be love and creating an environment for free-spirited princess figures that are popular among young children.

1. Moana (2016)

Moana tells the story of a young Polynesian princess who embarks on a perilous journey to save her people on the island. With its breathtaking animation and empowering message, this film has moved audiences all over the world.

Moana, an animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, is not only a global favorite due to its heartwarming story and catchy songs, but it also holds a special place in the hearts of young children in India. While Moana’s Polynesian setting may appear to be foreign to Indian culture, there are several reasons why this film resonates so strongly with Indian audiences.

First and foremost, Moana’s central theme of connectedness to one’s roots and culture strikes a chord with many Indians. In India, where traditions, culture, roots and family heritage hold significant value. Moana’s journey to find herself and her ancestors’ ways of living life, showcases the experiences of many Indians in today’s modern world, who strive to balance the new age with cultural heritage. The Disney princess Moana herself can be likened to young Indians who are navigating the challenges of staying true to their ancestral traditions while embracing the new global transition.

2. Frozen (2013)

Let it Go in Hindi

India is a land very well known for its rich storytelling traditions and colorful lore. The movie “Frozen” has struck a chord in the hearts of Indian community, where a beautiful tale of two sisters Anna and Elsa take on a journey that shows the very true essence of familial bonds – a concept within the heart of the Indian society.

The musical elements of this movie have made an entry into the viewers heart with a very folk like high pitched song “Let it go” that resonates with expressions such as self-discovery and freedom.In an extraordinary turn for the audience, it was Sunidhi Chauhan who became the voice for Elsa in Frozen Hindi debut . The music has aligned well with India’s traditional song and its connection with dance narratives as in in its cinematic industry making it a must-watch Disney Princess movie.

3. Tangled (2010)

Disney princess Rapunzel in Tangled movie
Image credit: Disney

Tangled , another one in the Disney princess movies list that released in the year of 2010. It has captivated audience near and far, among them being the Indian community. Tangled is loved by Indians and here is why you should watch it. One thing that resonates with the young generation is the urge to keep strong, healthy, shiny and silky hair just like Rapunzel in the movie Tangled. It is a magnificent tale focusing on friendship and love.

Disney always has its way with musical beats in its animated movies. The vibrant colors and the music of tangled has made its way into Indian audiences heart. We cannot forget the time when the Disney Princesses danced to Bollywood tunes during a special showcase by Disney India. These themes follow really well , making it a movie dearly held by many children.

4. Mulan (1998)

Disney Princess Mulan from the Disney animation movie Mulan
Image credit: IMDB

Mulan, is an extraordinary tale that uplifts the expressions of honor, courage and finding oneself in a chaotic environment. It is a classical tale that transcends cultural barriers and has become a loved must-watch movie among the young ones. Watching Mulan in Hindi does not bring any changes to its story but rather adds a cultural twist enabling it to be more accessible to the Indian audience, majority of which is Hindi-speaking audiences.

One main reason for watching this Disney princess movie in Hindi is because of the depth of character it creates through the Hindi language. The warmth, sorrow, and respect for others are deeply shown through the Hindi diction. This further allows understanding culture, which is often seen echoing through out India. Mulan as a women identifying her strength and to take on challenges that defy the normal cultural norms to protect her family connects well with the audience.

5. Pocahontas (1995)

A timeless story presented by the Disney Princess franchise, Pocahontas. The storyline of Pocahontas echoes with transitions of love, nature and respect going hand in hand. It’s universal theme makes it an enigmatic Disney movie to watch in the Hindi language. The natural connection of Pocahontas with Earth and the elements of nature showcases the very base of Indian culture which is rooted deep within us.

The character of Pocahontas shows various shades of strength and independence that inspire many young children of different cultural background. As well as the songs of “Pocahontas”, “Colors of the wind” when dubbed in Hindi becomes a classical melody which compliments India’s diverse heritage and its respect for nature.

6. Aladdin (1992)

Disney Princess Jasmine in Aladdin
Image credit: Disney

Aladdin, is one of the most iconic tales from “One Thousand and One Nights”, that has become a must tell story for centuries. But its latest make in the Hindi language should not be missed out on. The take on Aladdin’s journey in the magical Arabian realm in the colorful screens of Bollywood brings vibrance to the classical story which matches with the hearts of the Indian audience.

A unique conceptualization, a story of a Princess who resides in a fictional city known as Agrabah which is heavily inspired from the Middle East and South Asia. The vibrant open bazaars and the desert landscapes reminds the Indian audience of Jaipur and Rajasthan.

Why is Aladdin in the Disney princess movies list? Well , it because of Princess Jasmine who portrays herself as a strong-wiled women in a very familiar Indian environment. Princess Jasmine’s attire has a big similarity to that of traditional Indian dresses – creating a unique resemblance to that of a lehenga choli. Her beautiful jewelries showcases the choice for adornments as similar to that within Indian fashion culture.

Adding on to that . Princess Jasmine is a determined women who does not falter to men who idolize the very thought of commoditizing women. She serves as the very core for young girls across the Indian landscape who dream of gender equality and self-determination.

7. Cinderella (1950)

Disney Princess  - Cinderella
Image credit: Disney

Cinderella, is a must-watch movie for all the young audience and had to be added to the Disney princess movies list. Cinderella’s story is as old as time, it is a story that has captivated audiences from around the globe. Cinderella’s connects well in terms of hope and triumph of good over evil that India made it’s own classic Indian Cinderella tale called Anklet for a Princess.

Cinderella’s story align with the exploration of good prevailing over evil after a expedition of hardship and struggle in Indian folklore and tales, often referred to as Karma. Her story becomes more related to the Indian households under an extended family, showcasing her rife with her step family. The importance of music given to in Cinderella’s tale is another reason to why it must be watched in Hindi as Indian entertainment breathes music at its core.

Where to watch Disney princess movies in Hindi?

Disney Princess movies are available in Hindi on the OTT platform – Disney+ Hotstar.

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