5 Best Malayalam Crime Thriller Movies on OTT in May

Crime thrillers are fascinating genre on their own, they stand out in the league of the movies genre. While we have often mentioned crime thriller web series, today we want to mention some crime thriller movies. They have extra-ordinary story line that convinces you of wanting more from it. Today, in the this movie listicle, we (Peep Buzz) have personally curated a list of 5 best Malayalam crime thriller movies on OTT that will blow you mind. So get your popcorn and Pepsi ready, because here we go.

1. Joji (2021)

Malayalam Crime Thriller Joji
Image: IMDB

Joji is Malayalam movie based on a crime thriller genre directed by Dileesh Pothan. The story line revolves around Joji who is a engineering drop and is looked down by everyone is the family including his very own father. Joji always dreams of becoming a rich and wealthy man, that is when greed and evil harbors his thoughts. He plans on taking the necessary steps to get rich even if it means hurting his own family members for the sake of it. Will he achieve all that he desires?

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Cast: Fahadh Fasil, Basil Joseph, Dileesh Pothan, Baburaj

Director: Dileesh Pothan

2. Abraham Ozler (2024)

Malayalam Crime thrillers
Image : IMDB

Ever been excited about Malayalam crime thriller movies which include a cat and mouse between A cop and a serial killer who is on the loose.In the movie of Abraham Ozler, the scenario is pretty much the same, the movie delves into the life of a veteran cop, Abraham Ozler (Jayaram) , ACP Trichur on the hunt of a serial killer also known as the “Birthday Killer” alongside is personal conflict of guilt of his pas, a disguised cop lures him away causing the death of his family, which affects his present case of the serial killing as well. Will he catch the killer, or will he succumb to his past wounds?

Where to watch: Hotstar

Cast: Jayaram, Mammootty, Arjun AShokan, Anaswara Rajan

Director: Midhun Manuel Thomas

3. Forensic (2020)

Forensic Poster From IMDB
Image: IMDB

Forensic is a psychological crime thriller based on a mentally disturbed serial killer who kidnaps and kills children. A duo of an ACP alongside a pro-forensic individual Samuel Kattookkaaran who takes upon the case to find the serial killer. Forensic film takes a twist as when the killer is supposedly a child of is doing all the killings but the question still stays, is the child so intelligent or is there a second person who is using the child as a shield to avoid the cops from arresting him? Who is the real killer?

Where to watch: Netflic

Cast: Tovino Thomas, Mamta Mohandas, Saiju Kurup, Renji Panicker

Director: Akhil Paul, Anas Khan

4. Night Drive (2022)

Forensic a Malayalam movie POster
Image: IMDB

A unique crime thriller Malayalam movie, heard of love triangle? In the same, it’s a crime triangle between the coupe, the investigation cop and a political hegemony that is trying it’s best to get to the couple. A thriller that is recommended to kick of your first week of May. The story revolves around the couple who have been held by the cop after an accident during the night, but somehow there is a connection with a political group in all this mess. What is it actually? Why don’t you watch it to figure yourself out.

Where to watch: Netflix

Cast: Indrajith Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew, Anna Ben, Shaji Kumar

Director: Vysakh

5. Jana Gana Mana (2022)

Jana Gana Mana crime thriller
Image: IMDB

Topping our curated list of best Malayalam crime thriller movies is ” Jana Gana Mana“. A legal thriller movie. The film unfolds after a Professor Saba of the University of Ramanagaram is murdered, initiating a spark forcing students to take part in a restless protest seeking justice for the murder of Professor Saba. This legal thriller portrays the extent a political party may head towards for gaining support and votes for an upcoming election, where the police supports them and the only option left is the judicial system of India.

Where to watch: Netflix

Cast: Prithiviraj Sukumaran, Suraj Vejaramoodu, Pasupathi raj, G.M. Sundar

Director: Dijo Jose Anthony

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