Fallout ghoul variants you may see in upcoming episodes

Cooper Howard lying on the ground after not getting his vial in Fallout
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Fallout ghoul are humans who have been exposed to severe radiation, which has transformed them into an eerie looking creature known as the ghoul. They are also referred to necrotic post-humans.

What is a fallout ghoul?

A Fallout ghoul almost looks like zombie but are humans who have been affected from the aftermath of the bombings, causing their flesh to look like rotten. The first ghoul in Fallout is “Cooper Howard” or also known as “The Ghoul”. He used to be a spokes person for the Vault-tec and later transformed into a ghoul after the bombings took place in Los Angeles. He has a typical cowboy persona and is a bounty hunter who would do almost anything to get his hands on the vials which are temporary elixirs for ghouls in Fallout.

Necrotic post-human (Ghoul)

Fallout ghoul
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Ghoul are very similar to humans except their physical appearance. They are known to be very same in terms of intelligence, common sense, and personality such as walking, talking and having their own preference over something. Many people would often refer to them as zombie since the radio active radiation is slowly damaging their brain causing a higher chance of their mutation to extend where they lose all sense of their brain. Finally after which they transform into feral ghoul.

The first Fallout ghoul we see is Cooper Howard in Fallout season 1. Cooper Howard was once a renowned actor for his acting in western films but the radiation got him good which transformed into a ghoul with some mental stability that allows him to act on his own instead acting like a lunatic.

Ferocious Necrotic post-animal (Feral ghoul animal)

A salamander which has been transformed into a ghoul
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These are the feral ghoul animals that have been irreversibly transformed into a state where all senses are gone and the tendency to attack every living thing in sight increases. In Fallout episode 3 we notice a large feral salamander ghoul pops from the water to attack Maximus (Aaron Moten).

These fallout ghoul have become instinctively savages in hunting and killing every living thing. They do have some noticeably rotting flesh on the body due to the radiation.

Ferocious Necrotic Post-Human (Feral Ghoul)

A feral ghoul in Fallout episode 4
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Ferocious necrotic post-human also known as feral ghoul are the most dangerous ghouls out there in the Fallout universe. They do not like living creatures such as humans and usually hunt in packs just like how wolves would do. These mutants have turned into psychotic living killers after their mind has been deteriorated without having the recommended dosage of the vials.

Feral ghoul are former ghouls who have transformed into a killing machine due to mental deterioration and a resilience to be dispatched.

The feral ghoul is one of the fallout ghoul that have zero sanity left in them, they have a thirst for blood and will most definitely eat another ghoul if necessary to survive without any exception. Not even the yellow liquid in the vials can help them transform back into regular ghouls again.

In episode 4, you can see Lucy Maclean releasing some ghouls from their containers. Some of the ghouls end up being feral ghouls that try to attack Lucy and the other two men sitting on the couch. As per the Fallout universe there are 3 types of sub species in feral ghouls which are more dangerous than the regular feral ghouls.

They are Feral ghoul roamer, Feral ghoul reavers, and lastly the rarest one being Feral rotting ghouls that are the hardest to kill and attack humans simultaneously with an urge to kill.

Who plays the Ghoul in Fallout?

Walton Goggins plays the role of the Ghoul in Fallout

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