Janhvi Kapoor Net Worth: The bank balance you didn’t know

Janhvi Kapoor net worth stands at an astonishing Rs 82 Crore or $9.8 million USD. She is the daughter of Sri Devi and Boney Kapoor. Janhvi Kapoor net worth has grown over the years making her one the top most rising star of B-Town.

Her first debut

Janhvi Kapoor Net Worth
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Janhvi Kapoor bank balance, saw its first increase in digits when she made her first debut as an actress in Dhadak with Ishaan Khattar. Her first movie had an amazing response from the audience, which paved her a path for success in the Bollywood industry. Janhvi Kapoor as a newcomer in the industry received a hefty cheque of Rs 60 lakh for her role in Dhadak as per report from new organization ABP live.

Acting fees spike

With the rise in success at the Box Office and garnering the attention of the public who had now become her loving fans, increased her demand in movies by directors. By her third movie, Janhvi Kapoor acting fees increased between Rs 2 – Rs 5 Crore per movie. This made some of the netizens even wonder as she has not given out a 100 crore movie out yet. Her highest grossing movie was Dhadak which collected a total of Rs 74.19 Crore.

Janhvi Kapoor has recently made headlines, after she has allegedly charging RS 5 Crore for her role in Devara Part 1 and a hefty cheque of Rs 6 Crore for her role in RC16 launched by Chiranjeevi.

Brand endorsements worth Rs 70 Lakh each

Janhvi Kapoor has worked with 13 brands in total that include CocaCola, MG, Asianpaints, Renee, Paree, Zebronics, Lyra, Fittify, Drools, Nykaa, Benetton, Aldo, Kazo.

With fame, many companies and brands approached the the Gen Z superstar to be the brand ambassador for their premium products. They knew they could target the young audience with the help of Janhvi Kapoor on their side. Janhvi Kapoor was affiliated with Nykaa Fashion Brand since 2018,she recently became Nykaa Fashion brand ambassador. It had also launched a 20 second advertisement which featured the glamourous Janhvi Kapoor in Pink one-piece dress showcasing Nykaa’s latest feature of Nykaa beauty and Nykaa Fashion in one app.

Janhvi has recently signed a brand endorsement with KAZO Fashion. This partnership of Janhvi Kapoor x KAZO comes as an initiative to create a world with better aesthetics, while bringing a sense of young blood into the fashion game. Janhvi Kapoor is known to grab an approximate of Rs 70 – 80 Lakhs per brand endorsement allowing her to make a big chunk of money apart from her movie ventures.

Janhvi Kapoor net worth is due to her Instagram where she has gained more than 23 million followers, making her a worthy influencer for various brands. She charges these brands a whooping Rs 70 Lakh per post on her Instagram account.

Janhvi Kapoor’s Net worth increase with her purchase in properties

Janhvi Kapoor is not all just show, with her growth in the industry she has also learnt to manage her money with her investment in properties. Janhvi Kapoor’s biggest investment in properties was in 2022, when she bought a 6421 sq feet duplex unit in Bandra West area, Pali Hill. This Bandra residence is more than home, it is pure luxury to the naked eyes. It boasts an impressive private garden along with five additional parking spaces for her expensive cars. Janvi Kapoor’s Bandra residence is truly a mixture of tradition and modern elegance.

Janhvi Kapoor also has purchased an extravagant penthouse in Juhu at an exorbitant price tag of Rs 39 Crore. The flats are located on the 14th, 15th, and 16th floors of the Opulent triplex building. The carpet area of the Juhu penthouse is said to be 3456 sq feet.

Janhvi Kapoor’s high-priced car collection

Janhvi Kapoor getting inside her Lexus car
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Janhvi Kapoor currently owns 5 cars namely, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach S 560 Maestro Edition, Lexus LX 570, and Mercedes-Benz GLE 250d. The Mercedes-Benz GLE 250d is a SUV that runs on diesel and has a price tag of Rs 67.15 Lakh.

She has other two Mercedes-Benz cars that are worth a person’s lifetime salary, The Mercedes Benz S-Class costing at a price of Rs 1.62 crores and the elegant Maybach s560 that works more like a sporty limo on road and comes at a hefty price tag of Rs1.94 Crore.

The BMW X5 is a turbo charge car with diesel engine with a price of Rs95.90 lakh and lastly the Lexus LX 570, a Japanese luxury car that is the most expensive one in her car collection costing at a whopping price of Rs 2.70 Crore.


Janhvi Kapoor is a young rising star, who still has much potential in her which hasn’t been showcased yet. This always leaves room for much needed growth which would eventually help sky rocket her net worth.

She has many upcoming movies and brand endorsements in line, maybe within an year or so. Janhvi Kapoor net worth might double of what we know now.

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