New Releases on OTT (Disney+ Hotstar) for April, 2024

Check out our curated 5 best new releases on OTT Disney+ Hotstar that will be coming on the OTT platform during the month of April, 2024.

Disney+ Hotstar is a very well known Over The Top (OTT platform for many viewers due to its attention to details on providing high quality streaming as well as excellent line up of movies and TV shows through out the platform.)

Below, we are listing the top 5 new OTT releases coming on Hotstar in the month of April, 2024.

List of top 5 curated new releases on OTT:

Disney ” Wish”- April 3, 2024

Disney’s animation movies still account for almost 25% of all animated content consumed online, by this being said Walt Disney’s animated movie “Wish” is one of the most anticipated movies for a long period. This would be a good time to spend time with you kids at home for a movie night as this movie will be available for steaming on OTT hotstar from April 3, 2024.

The movie wish tells the story of a 17 year old girl Asha, who resides in the Kingdom of Rosas which is a fictional place located off the Iberian Peninsula. When Asha finds out about the dark secret delving inside of the a sorcerer king – King Magnifico, she takes it upon herself to free the land from his clutches with help of getting her wish granted by a fallen star.

“Blood Free” – April 10, 2024

Another exciting OTT release is a sci-fi thriller series which is going to be on the platform on April 10,2024. The star casts of Blood Free are going to be the well-known pair of actors Ju Ji-Hyun and Han Hyo-jo. The series is about how a biotech company called BF grows its business rivalries due to its creation of advanced cultured meat. A former bodyguard is recruited to protect the CEO of BF as he face the struggle between power among its giant rivalries and technological disaster.

“Siren” – April 11, 2024

Siren is a South Indian film, with Keerthy Suresh and Jayam Ravi in leading cast meanwhile Yogi Babu and Anupama Parameswaran in supporting roles. The film follows the plot of Thilagan ( portrayed by Jayam Ravi) an ambulance driver who is sent to prison under a false case of his wife Jennifer’s murder, portrayed by Anupama Parameswaran. After his release from prison, who goes on quest to revenge his wife’s death.

“Chief Detective 1958” – April 19, 2024

This Korean series is a prequel to the famous series “Chief Inspector” that ran from 1971 to 1989. The plot of this K-Drama crime series revolves around a group of police cops who take up unconventional methods to provide justice to the public. Disney is upgrading itself by adding Korean content to keep its audience happy with its variety.

Recently in the newly released teaser of the series, it audience got a glimpse of the brilliant detective Park Young-han( portrayed by Lee Je-hoon) and his police team in their efficient way of solving criminal cases.

“Secrets of the Octopus” – April 22, 2024

This docuseries is produced by National Geographic channel and will be narrated by the famous Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd who ‘s motive is to educate the audience with deep insights into these complex sea creatures which we know as octopuses.

This is a mini-series which is the 3rd installment of Nat Geo docuseries which shall be premiered on National Geographic channel on April 21, 2024 followed by Disney+ Hotstar and Hulu. Paul Rudd tells the audience to keep supporting the channel as it has produced well-known educational shows based on variety of animals over the years.

NameRelease Date
WishApril 3, 2024
Blood FreeApril 10, 2024
SirenApril 11, 2024
Chief Detective 1958April 19, 2024
Secrets of the OctopusApril 22, 2024
List of 5 curated new releases on OTT on April 2024

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