Eras Tour increases Taylor Swift’s net worth over $ 1 Billion

Eras Tour increases Taylor Swift’s net Worth by over $ 1 Billion

Taylor Swift singing during Eras Tour

It has been a great year for Taylor Swift after a continuous one hit after another, but the biggest achievement for Taylor Swift has been her Net Worth. According to Bloomberg, her net worth currently sits at an approximate $1.1 billion.

This is not a great shock to the people as many of her fans also known as Swifties shelled out huge amounts of money to purchase tickets to her ongoing Eras Tour, which will be held in Brazil and Argentina in November. Ticket sales and merch from the tour have significantly contributed $370 million to Taylor Swift’s wealth along with a boost of $4.3 billion into the U.S. economy this year, according to Bloomberg.

This amazing boost to the economy caught the attention of Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell, who lists this as a sign of great improvement in the U.S. economy.

An image of the interiors of one of Taylor Swift property

This has been q quite remarkable feat for Taylor Swift considering the factor that she is one of the handful artists who has made huge amount of money from just music alone. Bloomberg has calculated her net worth taking in consideration of the $400 million in earning from pasta and present music catalogue, $80 million in music royalties, $120million from music streaming revenues as well as her 5 homes which has a combined value oof $110 million.

Taylor Swift meeting fans during the Eras Tour

Swift is one of the few female singer who has been ranked well among other great female artists who have earned a fortune for themselves such as Rihanna, Madonna and Beyoncé. Rihanna is ranked in the second number right after ( Oprah Winfrey). Rihanna has made most of her fortune from her beauty line product of Fenty Beauty along with collaboration and sponsorships from major luxury brands.

Taylor Swift has not been penny-pinching with her wealth as she is very well known to kindly give bonuses to her staff and crew member. She has also donated huge sum of money to many food bank during many food stops in the Eras Tour.


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