Taylor Swift voices out over the allegations of witchcraft

The 12-time Grammy Award winner has been battling sorcery and witchcraft rumors for a few weeks now as she embarks on her sixth concert tour around the world. While critics have slammed Taylor Swift, accusing her of promoting witchcraft, fans have shared viral TikTok clips of Swift casting a spell with her coven during performances of “Willow.”

Taylor swift responds on reply of witchcraft accusations
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The pop star Taylor Swift took to Twitter this weekend to share a hilarious video from her Eras tour stop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in which she can be seen singing “Labyrinth” from her 2022 album, Midnights. When Swift sings, “I thought the plane was going down / How’d you turn it right around,” the camera pans to the sky and an airplane is seen flying directly over the venue.

Taylor Swift surprises her audience with two acoustic renditions at each show, in addition to her extensive set list. The first surprise song is performed on the guitar, and the second surprise song is performed on the piano. Swift is known for choosing unexpected songs that fit the mood of the show. For example, at her first show in Chicago, she sang “The Lakes,” and on the third night in New Jersey, she sang “Welcome to New York.”

Taylor Swift walking hand in hand with Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift’s newfound romance with Travis Kelce, a 34-year-old tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, appears to have a strong connection to the song she performed during her concert in Argentina, which talks about falling in love again. Swift and Travis have been seen showing support for each other and engaging in public displays of affection throughout their relationship. Fans witnessed an example of this on Saturday, November 11, when Swift rushed off stage to kiss Travis.

Kandiss Taylor, a former Republican Georgia gubernatorial candidate, chastised Swift for the remark in a lengthy post on X.

While Taylor Swift does not appear to have directly responded to Taylor’s criticisms or accusations of witchcraft on X, the Georgia mother’s post sparked a heated debate with thousands of responses.

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