Netflix will be streaming the most terrifying movie- Just in time for Halloweens

If you are wondering which movie Netflix is adding- It’s the horror movie named Talk to me which was released just a few months back.

An image of the Netflix logo

Talk to me as been named this year’s best horror movie so far and has gained a lot of traction since it’s initial release. Talk to me is an Australian horror movie which got huge fame and became a hit at the box office.

Talk to me which is directed by the twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou earned $90 million world wide which just a mere budget of $4.5 million as compared to the profits of the movie.

The plot is very different from previous horror movie as it involves a group of friends who conjure spirits by the help of an embalmed hand. While conjuring a spirit one of the character played by Sofie Wilde conjures evil forces after a seance.

Joblo’s Chris Bumbray has named it one of the best horror movies which equally matched that of the Exorcist, he further made a statement saying Bird’s performance of play a “possessed” on screen was the best since Linda Blair from Willam Friedkin’s 1973 movie.

Pope had also praised “talk to me” to have one of the best movie ending scenes. The release of this movie has been making buzz as it’s launch is right in time for the Halloweens.

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