Dolly Parton performs wearing Dallas Cowboys uniform

Dolly Parton performing during the half time show
Dolly Parton wears a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniform during half time show

Dolly Parton released her latest album named “Rockstar” on Nov 17,2023.

Dolly Parton's latest album cover of "Rockstar"
Cover of the latest album “Rockstar”

The Superstar’s latest Album:

After her latest album release “Rockstar” , the extraordinary superstar took the stage at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas by storm, the half time show during the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving day game against the Washington Commanders.

During the “historic” performance , The iconic superstar wore a version of the Cowboys’ cheerleader uniform, which had a chest baring blue crop top, white shorts and a white vest with blue stars. Dolly Parton also had a crystal star over her belly button and some crystals which were dotted over Dolly Parton’s tights.

What songs did Dolly Paton perform at NFL:

Dolly Parton performs during half time show
Dolly Parton performing during half time show in NFL

Dolly started off the half time show with most loved song “Jolene”. which later slowly was transitioned to another classic “9 to 5.”

Dolly had launched her latest album “Rockstar” on Nov 17, the album has in total of 30 tracks which include both originals and covers. Her album also features collabs with other famous artists such as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Pink, Brandi Carlile, Melissa Etheridge and Sting with few others.

Dolly said in a statement that “Those Red Kettles have long been a symbol of hope for our friends and neighbors who are facing hard times”

The superstar also covered some of the rock classics of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” and “We will Rock You.”

Dolly Parton’s statement on twitter:

The superstar had also mentioned on the platform X ” I am so proud to have kicked off the giving season with my Red Kettle Kickoff performance!”

“My goal is to encourage everyone who can donate and support their neighbors in need. Every small act of generosity helps, and together, we can all love our neighbors this holiday season and beyond.”

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