Tanya Maniktala Gore Movie Kill: What to Expect?

Kill Hindi movie a Tanya Maniktala starrer
Image: A still from Kill teaser

Tanya Maniktala is not new to the showbiz she has done plenty of TV series before entering into the Bollywood film industry some of the TV series which she has done are namely Flames, P.I. Meena, Tooth Pari: When Love Bites. During the early years Tanya showcased her passion for Arts and entertainment which allowed her to move into the journey of acting initially it began with online sketches and small projects but later did she know that it will become a path for her into becoming one of the most renowned newcomers in the film industry.

She got her first break through when she did Flames a TV series in 2019 her role of Ishita high school girl who faces different Complex situations of adolescent life and roller coaster of emotions deeply resonated with the audience which also allowed to show that star was in the making.

The deeply anticipated movie which stars Tanya Maniktala called Kill has made the audience excited on its release. The trailer show cases Tanya Maniktala an innocent Indian girl and her Commando lover who is trying to protect her. The trailer is gore and filled with action that maybe one of the most awaited movies of 2024. In this movie blog article we will discuss when will it release and what you may expect out of Tanya Maniktala gore movie Kill.

A first Gore violent movie for Tanya Maniktala

As soon as the teaser of Kill begins we can see Lakshya smacking and smashing the faces of all the intruders on the train. With the fighting skills we already know the character of Lakshya is playing the role of a commando who is a skilled ruthless fighter. We see a scene in the teaser where Lakshya pushes the knife into a man’s eye socket and it is the most painful thing to watch, we are NGL! Definitely , a second gore violent character for Tanya after Tooth Pari.

The close combat on the train is well sequenced by the two renowned action choreographers Se-Yeong Oh and Parvez Shaikh.

The movie is gore and violent that many folks are starting to call it India’s goriest movie till date. For some reason it almost fuse likes with Vidyut Jammwal was the one who choreographed the entire action sequence in the movie. It is once in a blue moon when the Indian audience gets their hand on an a movie that is worth the hype.

The teaser of Nikhil Nagesh Bhat’s thriller “KILL” premièred at Toronto International Film Festival, where many witnessed a bloody battleground when two army commandoes fight off 40 goons who are trying to invade a passenger train heading for New Delhi.

Love and Drama

Love and drama is definitely a part of this movie and it cannot be missed when we know that Dharma Productions has a contribution in making the movie. A Karan Johar movie simply cannot ignore the genre of love, no matter how action sequence it has within it. With, Tanya Maniktala who is playing the role of a sweet innocent Indian girl, how can a love story be not portrayed.

As per Rotten Tomatoes report, it is mentioned the synopsis of Kill movie is based on an army commander (Laksh) his buddy Viresh (Raghav Juyal) are trying to save Tanya and the passenger from the goons who invade the Rajdhani Express bound for New Delhi.


We can conclude by saying that we are really anticipating this Hindi action-thriller movie which is going to be released on July 5th. We are sure that this Hindi thriller movie is something the audience was waiting on especially the younger generation. It is not a usual action movie where we see the hero punch the villain and fly feet away in the air before finally landing on the ground of dust. We are also excited because we are getting to see Raghav Juyal in an action based movie which is going to be a surprising new character for us. Along with that we also have Tanya Maniktala in her innocent and sweet character, we don’t get tired of.

Finally, Laksh who is debuting in the goriest movie as his first step into the Indian film industry.

Who are the action choreographers of Kill Hindi Movie?

The action choreographers of the Hindi movie Kill are Abbas Ali Moghul, Parvez Shaikh and Se-Yeong Oh.

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