Raghav Juyal Requests People to stop littering on Instagram

Raghav Juyal requesting people to not litter in his Instagram video

Raghav Juyal, who is an actor and choreographer recently uploaded a Instagram video where he was seen very concerned about nature and he mentioned through the video that people should stop throwing trash and harming the environment. In this celebrity blog article we will see why Raghav Juyal took to Instagram.

Who is Raghav Juyal?

Raghav Juyal, who is the actor and choreographer from Garhwal, Uttarakhand. He began his career as a dancer when he first auditioned in DID also known as Dance India Dance, during which he received worldwide acclaim regarding his slow-motion walk. Raghav Juyal was also referred to as cockroach his stage name as dancer on the platform of DID in Zee Tv.

He got the deserved fame during and after the show, allowing him to become a host for Dance India Dance in Zee Tv. He was praised for his perfect comic timing with other artists and increased the overall TRP of the Indian channel. Raghav Juyal got in the movie “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan” a Salman Khan-starrer.

He is now seen promoting his new upcoming movie “Kill” a action-packed thriller Hindi movie along side Tanya Maniktala and Lakshya.

Why did Raghav request people to not litter

A video of Raghav Juyal requesting people to not litter is going viral for many good reasons and maybe it was necessary. Raghav who is a resident of Dehradun in Uttarakhand , took to Instagram to mention that he felt awful, finding local people throwing trash and affecting the environment. Raghav can be seen travelling through out Uttarakhand with his friends when he is not hosting or promoting movies.

In the video, he held up a water bottle which was filled up with some sediment from the bed of the waterfall. He requests his Instagram followers and other viewers to not litter the environment and rather make sure to keep the natural places they visit clean. He is a adventurer himself and seen often trekking through the mountains of Uttarakhand and wants people to take the cleanness of the environment seriously also due to the current climate change.

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