Dwayne Johnson’s wax figure to undergo massive update- museum made 1 huge mistake

Image of Musee Grevin the French museum

The Musée Grévin face criticism:

The Musée Grévin is a French museum that builds wax figures of famous people from around the globe, the museum recently showcased a wax figure of the famous celebrity Dwayne Johnson for which they faced criticism as the figure was too light-skinned since the celebrity is multi-ethnic.

The museum had mentioned that the wax figure was still under construction as they were trying to update the details of the celebrity as closely as possible. according to some information from the museum as the selected celebrity for the first edition of the Grévin Awards, sculptor artist Stéphane Barret had to make use of online photos and videos to create the wax figure of Dwayne Johnson as real as possible without the celebrity being present there.

The museum faced huge backlash and criticism for turning the celebrity white rather than letting it remain in the natural skin tone that the celebrity has. Dwayne Johnson is a multi-ethnic whose dad is a black Nova Scotian while his mother is a Samoan.

An image of Dwayne Johnson wax figure in French museum

Dwayne Johnson team approaches the French museum:

Dwayne Johnson’s team has reached out to the museum to fix and update the wax figure starting of firstly with the skin color.

The Paris museum has started to recreate the statue and published a post stating “your feedback is really valuable to us”

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