The Rock ” Mana Creator” shocks by becoming a board member of TKO group

The Rock aka the Mana creator
The Rock joins the TKO Group board members

The Rock “Dwayne Johnson” aka the Mana Creator has recently surprised his fans by joining the board members of the TKO Group Holdings Inc who also own the “WWE” and “UFC“.

The Rock who is has emerged as a rising star with his hard work and as he says no pain no gain, who has become the top Hollywood actors, the creator of Zoa energy drinks, the creator of Teremana Tequila Blanco and now finally a board member of the TKO Group.

The Rock had first joined the WWE in the year 1990 as a wrestler which was back then known as WWF and slowly climbed the ladder to be known as superstar wrestler for which fans gave him a nick name of “Rocky“.

What has The Rock aka Mana creator gained from the TKO group so far?

As per the SEC filling “The Rock” aka mana creator has gained right about $30 million worth of shares from the TKO Group as well as $491,000 in royalty payments during the year 2023. The Rock is also now entitled to receive such royalties annually for the usage of his platform name and other connection with his trademark as per the services agreement.

What does “The Rock” feel after becoming a board member of the TKO Group?

The Rock who is the mana creator truly believes that his life is coming to a full circle, he says that his dad and grandfather who were pro wrestlers back then for WWF would have not expected this to happen. He truly believes the progress of his career is due the people who surround him and give him all the love and respect as a performer.

He truly believes at his core he is the person who lives for the people and to serve the people. The Rock is also known as one of the kindest superstars around the world for his generosity towards kids, old aged and people suffering from various disabilities. The Rock is truly a one of a kind of human towards whom everybody looks up to.

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