5 lifestyle changes which could impact and help you live up to 100 years of age

The 5 Lifestyle changes for longer life

Everyone wants to live till the age of 100, but for that, our body and mental health should be taken care of properly. Unfortunately, with growing population and industrialization there has been a noticeable decline in people aged longer. Chronic diseases have now started to affect individuals of different age brackets.

Therefore, here are 5 lifestyle changes that could help you extend your life:

Be Happy and Optimistic(5 lifestyle changes)

Happy and optimistic lady
Image of a optimistic cheerful young teenage girl student sitting outdoors in beautiful green park listening music with headphones.

Sometimes it is not always about diet but rather about positive mental health which provides a better outlook on life. According to a recent study, it was shown that staying positive increases the chances of living longer by an increased 40 percent. Focusing on the positive side of life rather than constantly over-thinking about longevity helps keep the mind positive and healthy.

Don’t forget to feed your microbiome(5 lifestyle changes)

Intestine in hand showing gut microbiome
Intestine in hands. Microbiome of digestive system. Probiotic treatment. Probiotic cells for immunity. Digestive health. Studying action of probiotics. Microflora of intestinal tract

The are trillions of bacteria and microbes that live in your gut microbiome which influence your over all immune system, healthiness of the skin and your digestion. Having fast food or junk food can greatly influence your digestion, skin health and immune system as it has a large amount of sugar and fat. The same damage greatly done when alcohol is consumed.

Sleeping well(5 lifestyle changes)

A man sleeping well on his bed
Young man sleeping well in bed at home

Your body initially repairs it self during your sleep such as repairing your muscle tissues. Untimely sleeping patterns can affect the over all health and give rise to cardio disease as well as poor immunity.

Practicing flow of breathing(5 lifestyle changes)

A lady is practicing flow of breathing
A lady practicing her breathing flow

Breathing oxygen is not just essential for survival but also helps the human body to transfer the right amount of oxygen from the blood cells to the brain. Practicing flow of breathing everyday helps in increasing lung capacity as well as the lifespan.

Practicing meditation regularly( 5 lifestyle changes)

Meditation has become a very important part of human life, not just regarding breathing but also to help remove stress from mind and body. Meditation helps in healing telomeres, telomeres are the end cap of our DNA which defines our lifespan and longevity, meditation helps in repairing and extending them which significantly improves the lifespan of the person.


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