Trap Movie Plot that you didn’t expect

M. Night Shyamalan is known for his plot twists especially since the release of The Sixth Sense and the same is being expected in the Trap movie plot.

Finding the Trap movie plot in the trailer

Trap Movie plot
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures released the Trap movie Official trailer on 18 April which has already garnered more than 11 million views so far on YouTube. With that being said the movie shows that the duo of father (Josh Hartnett) and his beloved teen daughter (Aerial Donoghue)who is a crazy fan of Lady raven (portrayed by Saleka) attend a live concert but when the father leaves the auditorium to go for quick loo break.

He is told by a working person at the snacks counter that this event is a trap for the Butcher by the police and FBI, who is known for chopping up his victims savagely into tiny pieces.

Josh Hartnett is the Butcher

Josh Hartnett as the Butcher in the Trap Movie 2024
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

In the trailer, you see Hartnett acting strange after he gets to know about the information from the man at the counter but somehow still remains very calm on this particular matter. He doesn’t seem to be affected, when actually as a parent you should be worried when you have a teen daughter attending a live concert where there is a serial killer like the Butcher on the lose.

We see Hartnett entering the washroom, locking himself in after which he takes out his phone. In the phone screen you can see an Asian adult man who’s hands are tied with ropes on a chair in Hartnett’s basement.

The trap movie plot directly points at Hartnett being the Butcher who might be a lunatic as we see his eyes twitching and him being lost in his own world , while his daughter continuously calls out for him in the trailer.

In the end of the trailer you can see him laughing fanatically, when the counter worker asks him “It’s kinda dope, right?”, which further proves that M. Night Shyamalan is just trying to play with our mind by making us guess, WHO IS THE BUTCHER?

The Daughter and Father duo are the Butchers

Trap Movie Plot
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

It would be just too strange when you have someone held up in your home’s basement and you don’t even realize it. We believe that, the teen daughter might be the helping hand and her innocent face is just a front face behind her dark and sinister ways of butchering up people.

It kind of makes sense to believe the trap movie plot might be pointing out the teen daughter to be one of the Butchers while we all stay focused on Hartnett thinking he is the serial killer. She might have been the mastermind behind the whole planning as she was the one who asked her father to bring her to the Lady Raven live concert.

Dr. Grant is the Mastermind Behind the Butchering

Dr Grant in the Trap Movie 2024
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

We know M. Night Shyamalan for revealing the plot twists of the storyline at the very end , but if you notice the trailer of Trap movie 2024 very well. You can see there is old lady with a poker face who seems a bit just too disturbed. The lady whom you see is Dr. Grant being portrayed by Haylee Mills.

For all we know, it might Trap might be similar depiction of Saw, where person who have done wrong are butchered. It could be Dr. Grant who is using Hartnett’s mental instability to take people as hostage and butcher people as way of serving justice in her own way.


Shyamalan movies usually have one twist, which is just enough to provoke the audience and uplift the entire movie, like in The Sixth Sense. We also notice how some of his twist come at the corner end of the movie, for example in Unbreakable, David Dunn (portrayed by Bruce Willis) is found to be the superhero, but Elijah (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) was the person causing all the accidents in order to find the a similar person like him.

In the same manner, we believe Trap will have a second twist which Shyamalan has carefully incorporated within the storyline of the movie.

Who is playing Dr Grant in Trap 2024?

Haylee Mills is paying the role of Dr Grant in Trap 2024.

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