Bhaichara on Top: A Hilarous Spoof of Elvis Yadav in Court

YouTube India is currently trending on the video with the title “Bhaichara on Top“, wondering what is it about, well it is non-other than a short spoof video of the recent assault case of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav and Maxtern aka Sagar Thakur. Harsh Beniwal and Purav Jha have out done themselves again by making a spoof which was definite to go on a trending spree within the YouTube community of India.

So let’s begin our article about the Spoof Bhaichara on Top and why it might be the funniest 27 minutes and 12 seconds of your life.

It’s Not an Assault its a System Maxtern

A man trying to beat up another man  with some bodyguards
A still from Bhaichara on Top

In the beginning of the Bhaichara on Top video we can see Purav Jha who plays Elvish Yadav enters a store like in the real incident and starts assaulting him, sorry we mean showing Maxtern (played by Harsh Beniwal) his system, by holding his neck , slapping him and well turning him around to kind of mimicking a thrusting on him while spoof-Yadav keeps says “Teri system mein pendrive daldu“. NGL, we were already knew where this spoof is going, as our stomach had already started hurting with laughter.

The Court Case

A judge sitting in the courtroom in front of a Judge bench
Credit- Harsh Beniwal – YouTube

We will be honest, but this court scene in Bhaichara on Top is funnier then the Jolly LLB franchise. The scene is funny as even Judge (played Vishal Vashishtha) gets ignored and pissed off because of what he believes is a minor case of assault until he finally realizes that the case is of Two Youtubers (Elvish Yadav and Maxtern) with many media broadcasters waiting for the proceedings to happen.

The UK007 lawyer for Yadav

a man in a lawyer's court juggling balls in a court room
Credit- Harsh Beniwal -YouTube

If you are well aware of certain folks around the Youtuber community of India, you might also know UK07 rider aka Anurag Dobhal who is a bike rider and shows off various cars and bikes in his vlogs which has helped him garner millions of views. Anyhow, for an utterly close friendship or lets say him being a devotee of his so called boss Yadav, he decides to become his defending lawyer (played by Harsh Beniwal). We love how he enters the courtroom while juggling tennis balls and begins to speak without thinking such as “Bas aapka bosada chaiye Elvis bhai, matlab bharosa“.

During one of the occasions it is seen in Bhaichara on Top that UK07 starts playing a theme song just because he believes his Yadav boss deserves an entry always on a theme song in the background. Talk about being the ultimate devotee.

We love Harsh mimicking UK07 but the judge hates him asking stupid things like asking for the Wi-Fi password, Asking the judge to allow him to vlog for his bro sena, and talking about his Supra and its exhaust. He even goes to the extent where he says that his client has earned so much money from the betting app that he could have bought the judge four times. HAHA talk about guts or worst way to debate in a courtroom.

While defending Elvis he calls him utter bad words, like pot thief, stupid, so-called gangster, and Mo***F***r, so we are not sure is defending him or making fun of him, cuz if he is making fun of him we are having the ultimate laugh on it.

We can surely believe Elvish lawyer UK07 when he objects the judge from making the judgement and says ” Your wife is a prostitute and I’m her prime customer” NGL ,but who says that to a judge. oh GOD! And to add more flame to the fire he continues with saying “your daughter is a weed smoker and I’m her drug dealer“.

Mispronouncing Maxtern in every possible way

A man standing in a witness stand in a courtroom in front of his defending laywer
Credit- Harsh Beniwal- YouTube

‘The funniest thing about Bhaichara on Top’s court room scenario is that literally no one pronounces Maxtern in the right way. Instead, they call him names like Mac book, parbandh, Bartaan( Meaning Utensil), and much more. Maxtern is not taken seriously in the court room at all. It feels as if he really wants to be assaulted by Elvish or we guess maybe he is just too horny for Elvish as we see him saying “Mera irada toh kuch aur tha” transating into – my motive was something else – while inserting his right hand inside his pants.

Macbook continuously, we mean Maxtern continuously says that he tried to break my spine, and when the judge does not believe him as he does not find any injury on him.

The defending lawyer of Maxtern (played by Arbaz Mishra) smacks his face on the wooden railing of the witness stand , after which Maxtern is left with pouring blood in his mouth which supposedly convinces the judge. Too much of comic violence indeed.

The Outcome of the case

A lawyer standing between two men who are about to resolve their issues
Credit- Harsh Beniwal – YouTube

We finally see that every one in Bhaichara on Top is going loco with the judge continuously having to face answers which are inappropriate or basically direct abuse to him. We know that Maxtern’s main reason was to troll Elvish and get viral when he beats him up. And since no body is paying respect to the judge, the defending lawyer of Maxtern takes judgement into his won hand by taking out his mobile and going live within the court room.

The lawyer goes live on Instagram and both Maxtern and Elvish resolve it by saying that they both were sorry. Well, Elvish doesn’t but Maxtern definitely does. To add a hint of humor since our Maxtern is craving for fame and virality, he can be seeing shooting at a box named as “My self-respect” in Bhaichara on Top.

Overall, we can say that the script written by Shivam Bajpai and Harsh Beniwal is full or humor, comic violence with great timing by the cast involved this YouTube video.

Who are the cast member of Bhaichara on Top?

The cast members of Bhaichara on top are Harsh Beniwal, Purav Jha, Sagar Jha, Amit Om Malik, Vishal Vashishta, Shivam Bajpai, Arbaz Malik, Gagan Jangid, and Garvit.

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