Youtuber Malti Chauhan found dead in her in-laws house

An image of Malti Chauhan right before she was found dead at her in-laws house
Malti Devi found dead at her in-laws

Malti Chauhan who is a famous Youtuber was very well known for her her YouTube channel with over 6 lakh subscribers was found dead in her house. Malti Chauhan’s father alleges that it is a case of a Dowry murder. Malti Chauhan has uploaded more than 24,000 videos on her YouTube Channel. Before her death, Malti Chauhan had also uploaded some videos in which she mentioned that her husband would regularly beat her and demand for dowry from her parents.

Malti Chauhan death suspicion:

Malti Chauhan death is under investigation by the UP police
Credits: TOI Malti’s death under investigation

Malti Chauhan’s dead body was found hanging at her in-laws residence in Sant Kabir Nagar on Thursday. Malti was a very popular Bhojpuri Youtuber and had a amazing fan base. Her father has made a serios accusation on her death and suspects that it was her in-laws planned her murder as they kept on demanding dowry from them for a very long period.

The superintendent of police (ASP) released a statement in which he said ” We received a complaint from Deep Chand Chauhan that the body of his daughter was found hanging from a hook in the roof at her in-laws in a village under Mahuli police station. A police team was sent to the spot. The body was recovered and sent for postmortem examination.”

Father of Malti Devi registers an FIR:

According to sources , the father of Malti has registered an Fir against the in-laws and the husband (Vishnu Kumar)under sections of the Indian Penal Code. The case has been registered and is under investigation by the police as they are trying to use all inputs from relatives as the victim has told the police of the stressful relationship between Malti Devi and her Husband.

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