Why is RIP Martha trending? It’s not Martha Stewart

An image of Martha Zolanski

It is not at all Martha Stewart who is dead but it is the death of Martha Zolanski who is also the mother of Roman Zolanski. On December 4th, 2023. Nicki Minaj announced that the alter ego “Martha” had died of old age on Twitter ( now known as X). Since Martha had made many appearances in many music videos , today many fans are tributing their tweets with “RIP Martha”

Who is Martha Zolanski?

Martha Zolanski was first introduced during the early productions of Pink Friday, which was also an alter ego of Nicki Minaj, which became very well-known for her partake in “Roman’s Revenge” where she had yelled at Slim Shady and Roman near the end of the song and demanded that they would both “go to bed and wash their mouth with soap” as both of them used explicit and disrespectful words and sentences.

Martha had also featured in the chorus of the song for ” Roman Holiday” from Nicki’s sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

Martha was later visually introduced in the music video for “Moment 4 Life”. Martha was introduced as a fairy godmother who visits Nicki, right before she is getting ready to marry Drake.

Martha Zolanski had also shared the platform with the singer Sean Kingston for “Born to be Wild” along with her son Roman Zolanski. The verse in the song of Sean Kingston says “If you would die, then why would you try? And if you reply a suit and a tie, then you will be mine because you and I were born to be wild. I am Martha, you King Arthur. Who knew you land me? I’ve been known to eat these rappers. Cook them like Chef Ramsey.”

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