PVR INOX screens Malayalam movies after FEFKA (Film Employees Federation of Kerela) interferes

The problem arised between PVR INOX and Malayalam film Industry regarding the virtual print fee that was being charged by the multiplex.

The KFPA also known as Kerela Film Producers Association started their own streaming service called Producers Digital Content due to the steep cost by UFO.

Subsequently, PVR INOX decided to remove all Malayalam films from their theaters through out India which ignited more flame.

After FEFKA interfered, CEO Kamal Gianchandani of PVR Pictures Limited stated that the problem has been resolved and they will start screening Malayalam film from April 14. 

The FEFKA has also asked PVR INOX to compensate for the losses suffered during the days of no screening, or else it would stop providing Malayalam film to them in future.