Negai No Astro: 5 main characters you should know about

1. Hibaru Yotsurugi

The legitimate son of Kongo Yotsurugi and also the main lead of the manga Negai No Astro.

2. Kongo Yotsurugi

The boss of Yotsurugi Family, the savior of the people living in Kanto, and widely known as "The Asakusa Bullet".

The 12th adopted son of Yotsurugi, best pal to Hibaru, and also a kind and cool-headed guy overall.

3. Terasu Yotsurugi

4. Kou Yotsurugi

The 11th adopted son of Yotsurugi, a guy who thinks who knows it all, and hates Hibaru to the core.

5. Shio Yotsurugi

The 1st adopted son of Yotsurugi, the underboss of the Yotsurugi Family, and the   boss of the Hawks faction.