Janhvi Kapoor a rising star in the Bollywood is ust starting off but is more rich then you think

1. BMW X5

This car from BMW costs a hefty Rs 1.11 crore which is a price tag not everyone can afford.

2. Mercedes Maybach

A luxurious car to travel in, only a few stars who are able to carry this elegant beauty around costing at a whopping price of Rs 3.44 crore.

3. Rang Rover Vogue

Another fancy car in Janhvi Kapoor's owned list is the exotic Range Rover Vogue costing at a  price tag of Rs 4.17 crore.

4. Opulent triplex Apt, Juhu

With fancy cars you need a gorgeous place to stay. Janhvi Kapoor owns this beautiful apartment that costs a hefty Rs 14 crore.

5. Pent House, Pali Hill

The most expensive thing owned by Janhvi Kapoor is her family home in Pali Hill which cost at a crazy price of Rs 65 crore.