Solo Leveling has many strong characters ,here are the strongest by rank, Sung Jinwoo is not the first rank

7. Monarch of White Flames

Also known as Baran, is so strong that even his clone was too hard to  defeat by Sung Jin-Woo.

6. Monarch of Iron Body

Also known as Tarnak,  was among the strongest monarchs who killed Christopher Reed who was the vessel of a ruler.

5. Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre is known to be the strongest hunter, during one fight he even sent Jin-woo flying through buidlings in one punch.

4. Sung II Hwan

He is known  to be the first S-rank hunter in Solo leveling and is the father of Jin-woo. He was a firefighter before a hunter.

3. Monarch of Shadow

Also known as Monarch of Shadow was the strongest ruler, he was so strong that he crushed Baran's head into pulp.

2. Sung Jin-Woo

He became the strongest being in the universe from the weakest allowing him to control death itself.

1. Absolute Being

The creator of the Solo Leveling universe and the only God being who can defeat any one with a single finger snap.