6 weapons of Sung Jin-woo in Solo Leveling

1. Kasaka Venom Fang

This dagger was obtained after Jin-woo slayed Blue venom-Fanged Kasaka, the daggers gives a attack boost of +25.

2. Knight Killer

Jin-woo buys this dagger from the system shop in Solo Leveling. It gives attack boost of +75 and Extra +25 boost on armored enemies.

3. Baruka's Blade

Baruka's blade was obtained by Jin-woo after defeating Baruka. This blade grants attack boost of +110 and agility boost of +10.

4. Demon King's Dagger

Jin-woo received the daggers after the death of  Demon King Baran. It gives a attack boost of +220 and grants a bonus attack.

5. Demon King's Longsword

This sword has obtained by Jin-woo after killed Baran. This   sword has an attack boost of +350 and a special power called storm of white flames.

6. Kamish's Wrath

Kamish's Wrath is the strongest magical weapon in Solo Leveling. It is an attack boost of +1500 and grant's the user to alter the weight of the weapon.