5 Underrated Boarding Schools in Mussoorie 2024

What is a boarding school?

Boarding Schools have been a core part in the Indian educational system to help students reform by providing them with the best academic system, along with personality development and extra-curricular activities. The students become a resident of the academic institution and stay in hostels for a semester before they get their summer or winter holidays to head back home for a moderate duration.

The on-campus accommodations provided to the student within a boarding school having different type of style to the dormitory rooms and hostel along with various storage space and study area for the students.

Boarding school is an environment for growth in structured format for the very best output from students, who belong from various backgrounds. These educational institutions ensure to provide students with an excellent academic syllabus, personality development and lifetime connections.

List of Underrated Boarding Schools in Mussoorie (2024):

Boarding SchoolAddress
Mussoorie Modern SchoolMotilal Nehru Road, Chaman Estate, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179
Mussoorie International SchoolSrinagar Estate, Polo Ground, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179
Manava Bharati India International SchoolF25X+F5P ShangriLa Mehtab Singh, Road, The Mall Road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179
St George’s CollegeBarlow Ganj, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248122
Convent of Jesus and MaryWaverly, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179
Table showing List of underrated boarding schools of 2024

Above, is the list of all the underrated boarding schools in Mussoorie, so lets begin with getting into the details of these excellent educational institutions:

1. Mussoorie Modern School

Mussoorie Modern School's scenic aerial shot during its summer time
Photo credit: Admission Team

The first educational institution in this underrated boarding schools list is Mussoorie Modern School, which was established in 1970 by Mussoorie Modern Education Society. This institution is well know as one of the best ICSE schools which has separate accommodation for both girls and boys. This School has a good teacher student ratio of 1:30 and also has a good handful amount of International students admitted in this boarding school.

The school is also located at one the most well-developed areas of this small town. This school is located at high altitude of 6800 feet which makes it easier to spot the high snow-covered points of the Himalayas from the campus.

A. What are are the campus facilities of Mussoorie Modern School?

There are various facilities provided to the students within the Mussoorie Modern School are:

  • Bus Service
  • Laboratory
  • Library
  • Hostel
  • Auditorium
  • Gym Lounge
  • Medical Clinic

B. What types of co-curricular activities are included in MMS?

There are plenty of co-curricular activities provided such as:

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Excursion
  • Musical Education
  • Yoga

C. How much are the fees and What is the procedure of admission in Mussoorie Modern School?

The Annual fee of Mussoorie Modern School is 150,000 rupees , Admission fee of 10,000 rupees and an average yearly fees of 160,000 rupees.

The procedure for getting selected into this school is by given an entrance exam on these 3 subjects that are Hindi, English and Mathematics along if a proof of passing certificate from the previous grade and transfer certificate.

2. Mussoorie International School

Mussoorie International School on the hill in middle of green tress and pines
Photo credit: MIS

Mussoorie International School also known as MIS is an all girls educational institution that was established in 1984. This school is located 33 kilometers from the city of Dehradun , that has been hope to girls from various countries around the globe. MIS is affiliated to both Cambridge Assessment International Education and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education , Mis also has other affiliations from British Council, Boarding Schools Association of India, International Coalition of Girls School and The International Award For Young People.

This boarding school has been ranked as the number 1 in Pastoral care for girls. MIS is spread over an area of 40 acres and has a Student Teachers Ration of 8:1.

A. What are are the campus facilities of MIS?

Some of the essential campus facilities available in Mussoorie International School are:

  • Laboratory
  • Recreational Center
  • Medical Center
  • Library
  • Dining Hall
  • Dormitory

B. What types of co-curricular activities are included in MIS?

MIS has an extensive list of co-curricular activities which are divided into societies and clubs which allow the children to wisely choose their preferred field, here are a few of them:

  • Financial Society
  • Science Society
  • Happiness Society
  • Literary Society
  • Musical Instrumental Club
  • Dance Club
  • Art & Sculpture Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Blogging Club
  • Debating Club
  • Nature Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Vocal Club
  • Science Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Business Consortium Club

C. How much are the fees and what is the procedure for admission in MIS?

The average annual fees of MIS is approximately 10 lakh rupees and the selection is made based on an online aptitude test along with interaction with the child and the parents.

3. Manava Bharati India International School

Manava Bharati India International School covered with snow during winter in Mussoorie
Photo credit: MBIIS Facebook

Manava Bharati India International School was first founded in 1942 in Dehradun, which was later shifted to Mussoorie at the Dambarni estate in 1948. MBIIS is affiliated with the CBSE curriculum and is spread across an area of more than 50 acres of land and over sees the beautiful valley of Dehradun. Manava Bharati India International School’s foundation stone was laid by the first president of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad which showcases the historical and national importance of this boarding school.

Since this educational institution is located in the center of beautiful hills, the campus is provided by beautiful weather and impeccable air quality for its residents.

A. Campus Facilities

Manava Bharati India International School has many campus facilities for its students that are:

  • MBIIS library
  • Foreign Language Classes
  • Accommodation vis dormitory
  • Mess Facilities
  • Student Transportation
  • Science Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory

B. What types of co-curricular activities are included in MBIIS?

MIIBS has many activities to enhance the productivity of the students in their choice of fields such as:

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Singing
  • Football

C. How much are the fees and what is the procedure for admission in MBIIS?

The average annual fees for MBIIS is 30,000 rupees, meanwhile the acceptance will be solely based on entrance and screen test , along with the submission of transfer certificate, birth certificate and medical certificate.

4. St George’s College

A castle like built boarding school known as St george's college with a green field in front of it.
Photo credit: Edustoke ( a photo of St George’s College front view)

St George’s college is a residential and non-residential all boys school spreading over 400 acres of land. St George’s college was first founded in 1853 by Fr. Barry and the Capuchin Friars. This academic institution’s main focus is to provide the highest quality of education to its students while using English as the medium. St George’s College is one of the most highly reputed institution of India which began it’s story in a small cottage known as Manor House – the name by which the campus is still known.

Many celebrated statesmen, sportsmen, defense force officers, political leaders have graduated from this prestigious college which all the more makes it one of the leading boarding schools of India.

St George’s college also holds the first grand clock tower of Mussoorie, which was built in 1936 by JB Joyce & Company, the clock would ring every 15 mins to drive away the wild animals near the campus.

A. What are the campus facilities of St George’s College?

  • Library
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Computer Room
  • Archive Museum
  • Remedial Classes
  • Health Care Center
  • Prayer Room
  • Music Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Auditorium
  • Dance Studio
  • Sport Complex
  • Dining Hall
  • High Speed Internet

B. What types of co-curricular activities are included in St George’s College?

  • Music
  • Debates
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Running Fox Hill

C. How much are the fees and What is the procedure for admission in St George’s College?

The average annual fees of St George’s College is 10 lakh rupees and the admission into St George’s College is purely made based on the result of entrance exam and the academic institution does not guarantee admission.

5. Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverly

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverly on the top of Mussoorie covered with heavy snow on its rooftops

Convent of Jesus and Mary was established in 1845 and has is affiliated with the CBSE board. This all girls boarding school is located at elevation of 2011.68 meters above sea level in Mussoorie. This incredible boarding school is home to 350 boarders and 250 day scholars, who are educated and trained towards an all-round development of their personality. This educational institution is located amidst fresh air and tall pines which provide a relaxing atmosphere to breathe in. This boarding school aims at focusing towards both environmental balance and personal growth. This school has an amazing student teacher ratio of 22:1.

A. What are the campus facilities of Convent of Jesus and Mary?

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverly have some of the essentials campus facilities such as:

  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Science Laboratory
  • Medical care unit
  • Auditorium
  • Playground

B. What types of co-curricular activities are included in Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverly?

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverly have selected types of activities which help in personality development of the children as well as team spirit. Here is the list of those activities:

  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Indoor Sports
  • Debate
  • Drama
  • Art and Craft
  • Educational Excursions

c. How much is the fee and what is the procedure for admission in CJM Waverly?

The average annual fees of Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverly is 2.5 lakh rupees meanwhile the admission process is strictly based on a written test along with transfer certificate and previous class results.

How is boarding school in India better than a regular school?

Boarding School in India is much better than regular school as it allow many children from various backgrounds to come together and socialize, this not just improves their communication but also increases their understanding of people from diverse backgrounds.

The boarding school requires individuals to develop more skills as each day passes by, it allows them to handle pressure and live independently. Each child learns the basics of life such as making his/her bed, waking up on time, maintaining discipline and honing skills which will help the child progress further in future.

Why are boarding schools in Mussoorie better than other places?

Mussoorie is a small hill station, mostly known for Mall road and its beautiful snow during winter, but this small hill station is also very well known for its reputation of having one of the top boarding school of India. Mussoorie has become a education hub for those individuals who want progress in life with passion and determination along with an outstanding exposure to diverse cultural backgrounds from India and outside.

Unfortunately, the institutions located in Mussoorie are underrated but are sure to give you a shock with infinity achievements from various students. The students who have graduated from these prestigious underrated boarding schools of Mussoorie have made a name for themselves in defense, art, education, politics, sports and more.

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