Tunnel in Uttarkashi collapses: 41 workers trapped

New drilling machine reaches at the Uttarkashi site to rescue 41 workers.

The operation is underway to rescue the workers who are trapped inside the collapsed part of the Silkyara-Barkot tunnel in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi. The operation unfortunately had to halt as the drilling machine which was pushing through the rubble developed a snag. The operation crew has ordered to assemble a new drilling machine which was airlifted from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. According to sources the machine will be assembled in three parts before it is ready for drilling.

Uttarkashi tunnel collapse
Tunnel Collapse at the Uttarkashi site

Revised number of workers stuck in tunnel:

The number of workers stuck in the tunnel in Uttarkashi has been revised to 41, on the seventh day of the operation. The rescue and relief operations said in a statement that there were 40 workers who were working inside the tunnel but later also added Deepak Kumar from Muzaffarpur, Bihar who was identified as the 41st person.

The PMO team:

According to sources: A team from the Prime minister’s office(PMO) has been also sent to the site to examine the rescue operation in Uttarkashi. The team includes MORTH additional secretary Mahmood Ahmed, geologist Varun Adhikari, Prime Minister’s Ofiice deputy secretary Mangesh Ghildiyal and engineering expert Armando Capellan.

The updates from rescue team at the Uttarkashi tunnel:

  • The rescue operation unfortunately had to undergo a halt due to the drilling machine snag which was around 2:45 p.m. on Friday. A loud sound was heard when the fifth pipe was about to be pushed at which the rescue team decided to suspend the task as it would be risky.
  • The rescue operation team has been able to so far drill up to 24 meters of rubble. Meanwhile the team says they would need to drill at least 60 meters to enable the workers to escape.

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