Top 5 Yogi Babu Hindi dubbed movie online in 2024

Who is Yogi Babu?

Yogi Babu is an an actor and comedian who is well known in South India as well as in North India, he has played various comic role character which have given the movie more life and laughs to the audience. Yogi Babu is also known to a very versatile actor due to which you can often find him in every other movie being released over the weekend, there is no denying that Yogi Babu has gained huge popularity and has created his own loyal fan base.

Here are the top 7 comedy Yogi Babu Hindi dubbed movie online to watch:

1. Gorkha (2019)

A poster of Gurkha movie in which Yogi Babu and his Labrador is next to him
Via: Twitter

Directed by Anton Sam, Yogi Babu as the lead who is playing the role “Bahadur Babu” and his side kick Labrador named “Undertaker“. This movie shows the merging of comedy with, action, love, drama and a hint of adventure. The movie plot revolves around Bahadur Babu who is a security guard at a mall who must save the hostages from the clutches of the ruthless gang of criminals.

This Yogi Babu Hindi dubbed movie explores the themes of justice and courage, which also shows the bravery can come in any form of shape and size. This roller-coaster ride of a movie will surely pump an adrenaline of laughs through out the movie, with Yogi Babu’s amazing acting and comic timing.

2. Lucky Man (2023)

Yogi Babu hugging a small child in the movie Lucky Man
A still from Lucky Man Via:Twitter

Directed by Balaji, the movie Lucky Man revolves around Murugan, a man who has experienced a string of bad luck throughout his life. However, his fortune seems to change when he wins a car in a lottery. Sadly, his happiness is short-lived as the car gets stolen. In his quest to retrieve his beloved car, Murugan joins forces with a police officer, leading to a series of comedic and action-packed moments. This Yogi Babu Hindi dubbed movie promises to take you on a thrilling and humorous ride. With its exploration of various emotions and relatable struggles, it is a must-watch for families and middle-class individuals in India.

It explores the theme various emotions , showing the struggles of a family man trying to make his ends meet, a scenario which many middle-class men in India can feel as well. This movie is definitely a one to watch with your family.

3. Mandela ( 2021)

Actor Yogi Babu is lying down on a hammock
Yogi Babu Hindi dubbed movie Mandela, Via: Twitter

Directed by Madonne Ashwin, Mandela is a Yogi Babu Hindi dubbed movie which is comprised of both comedy and drama. Yogi Babu is playing the role of a simpleton barber in a village who’s name coincidentally is Nelson Mandela who was originally known as smile aka llichavayan.

The movie is set on a small village known as Soorankudy in Tamil Nadu. Within the village reside two caste groups (Therkkoorans and Vadakkoorans) who do not meet eye to eye with each other, meanwhile in the neutral zone is Mandela, who is a Dalit, an outcast from the village who lives and cuts hair under a banyan tree.

The plot of the movie take a twist when Mandela is the last person of the village who’s vote will decide the winning party, the question revolves around the answer of who will he favor, and to what extent will the caste group go to favor him.

4. Partner (2023)

Yogi Babu, Hansika in the poster of the movie Partner
A trailer poster of Partner Via:Twitter

Directed by Manoj Damodharan, is a Yogi Babu Hindi dubbed movie in the genre of comedy and sci-fi. This movie shows how two friends, who steal for a living end up getting caught up in a scientific tragedy. It showcases the comic roller coaster rides of Yogi Babu through out the movie as he is accidentally transformed into a women and is on a quest to find the scientist to help him transform him back to his normal self. This movie ultimately focuses on the society which we currently live in and how transgender people are not accepted for the person they are, it shows a self-acceptance in this diverse society.

5. Kolamavu Kokila (2018)

Nayanthara and Yogi Babu in a scene from the movie Kokila
A still from Kokila Via: Twitter

Directed by Nelson Dilipkumar, this Yogi Babu Hindi dubbed movie focuses on the theme of black comedy, crime and thriller. The plot of the movie shows how Kokila which is being played by (Nayanthara) gets involved with the drug trafficking mafia in order to save her mother from terminal cancer, meanwhile all this chaos Yogi Babu plays the role of Shekhar who enters the movie to shine some ray of comedy in the movie, his continuous failing tries to woo Kokila in every manner possible makes you want to laugh controllably.

Where to watch Yogi Babu Hindi dubbed movie?

Yogi Babu movies can be watched in the YouTube at the Goldmines Channel which will provide you with the latest Yogi Babu Hindi dubbed movie, or you can also go to filmyzilla to download latest hindi dubbed video by searching Yogi Babu hindi dubbed filmyzilla , if you want to watch online follow us on our telegram channel for the movie link.

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