Top 5 Mood Spoiling Movies of ALL TIME

Mood spoiling movies are not easy to come by daily. But when they do, they leave you hanging in spoiling mood. There are still many movies that launch every weekend in different categories. The one we are about to mention are classical spoofs which can also be heavily cringy for you. This is the list of the top 5 mood spoiler movies which you better avoid and only watch at your own risk.

1. Epic Movie

Epic MOvie 1
A still from Epic movie – IMDB

Epic movie is comedic spoof movie released on 2007, crafted by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. It can be known as the ultimate cringy movie without a doubt. The story line follows a group of 4 orphans who venture into an epic journey which is a combination of epic tales such as the Narnia Chronicles, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and The Da Vinci Code. The movie is known as mother of all spoof but also for its over the top sexual humor and comic violence which can be noticed from the beginning of the movie.

The Movie’s plot begins with 4 orphans receiving the unique golden ticket to the Chocolate factory for an epic adventure. Later escaping the evil Willy the Wonka. The 4 orphans discover a magical wardrobe that takes them into the land of “Gnarnia”, where they must seek the help from various characters to defeat the evil white b*itch.

The Movie has received 2 awards, IFCS Award “Worst Film” and Golden Schmoes ” Worst Movie of the Year”. So, don’t find it intriguing if this movie is in the list of mood spoiling movies.

Cast: Kal Penn, Jennifer Coolidge, Fred Willard, Adam Campbell, Jayma Mays, Tony Cox, Crispin Clover

Run Time: 126 minutes

Peep Buzz Rating: 1.5/10

2. Disaster Movie

Disaster movie 1
A still from disaster movie – IMDB

Disaster Movie is one of those types film which will make you wonder why anyone would work so hard to even make a movie like this. Released in 2008, and the crafted by the same duo who brought to you Epic movies. The movie is known for its overall vulgar language, comic violence ,references made to drugs and its sought after sexual content throughout the movie.

The movie begins with a group of friends in their 20’s or so, who are attempting to escape natural disasters as well as man-made ones while meeting celebrities and super heroes which makes no sense at all and does not add on any kind of humor. An illogical movie which will leave you wondering why did I have to watch this today and ruin my mood, and makes it to worst parody movies.

The Movie has received the “Worst Movie of the Year” award from Golden Schmoes along with nominations in “Worst Picture”, “Worst Supporting Actress” and finally an award we wished for “Worst Director”.

Cast: Matt Lanter, Kim Kardashian, Crista Flanagan, Gary “G. Thang” Johnson, Vanessa Lachey, Carmen Electra

Run time: 127 minutes

Peep Buzz Rating: 1.2/10

3. Meet the Spartans

Meet the Spartans
A still from Meet the Spartans ( Carmen Electra) – IMDB

Another Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer movie, that thought of taking the original movie “300” and converting it to to an unwatchable movie. Released in 2008, the movies takes on sexual content throughout the movie and adds a hint of comic violence to avoid the viewers to leave the movie in the beginning. The jokes they use have a bad comic timing and is very childish which still won’t be recommended to a child due to its offensive nature.

The movie’s storyline revolves around the courageous king Leonidas , who goes into war with the thousands of invading Persians with a group of 13 Hillbilly who are out of shape and try to defend their land through a dance off battle like in the movie “Step Up”.

The movie is widely acclaimed as the worst movie, after all the entire movie was shot in a week. If you are watching this mood spoiling movie, you are taking an extreme risk of losing your mind as it has been in nomination for Worst Rip-Off, Worst Screenplay and many more.

Cast: Carmen Electra, Kevin Sorbo, Sean Maguire, Ken Davitian, Method Man, Diedrich Bader

Run Time: 127 minutes

Peep Buzz Rating: 2.0/10

4. Date Movie

Date Movie 1
A still from Date Movie – IMDB

Brought to you by the parody makers duo, Seltzer and Friedberg. Released in 2006, Date Movie takes its dig at red head obese women involving the undeniably terrible sexual humor, crude language and offensive body shaming. The acting is so bad that during its initial screening in theatres during the first few minutes people were starting to leave.

The Storyline of the film runs around Julia Jones, who is obese, miserable, works almost forever at her father’s restaurant and seems to believe that she is the black duckling among everyone. This movie has no what-so-ever humor at all. It is a movie with stolen shots combined together to think as if humor would be created itself. This movie is a piece of garbage which goes to its extreme to take its place in top mood spoiling movies.

The movie has won the “Worst Movie of the Year” award from Golden Schmoes along with nominations in “Most Painfully Unfunny Comedy” and “Worst Screen Play”.

Cast: Alyson Hannigan, Adam Campbell, Jennifer Coolidge, Fred Willard, Sophie Monk, Carmen Electra, Tony Cox

Run Time: 123 minutes

Peep Buzz Rating: 1/10

5. Vampires Suck

Vampires Suck 1

Want to guess the makers of this movie? Yes, another parody movie by Seltzer and Friedberg. Released in 2010, the movie chooses now to make fun of Twilight movie and New Moon. The movie shows the undeniable cannibal trait leaving vampires far behind along with comic violence and crude sexual content to make it seem all the more terrible and silly as each scene passes.

The Story of Vampires Suck runs around Becca who starts noticing peculiar changes in the town, that is rampant with vampires, her childhood friend Jacob White who starts chasing cats while having a very dog type character and a spoof character of Edward Cullen, known as Edward Sullen a member of Dr. Carlton who strips naked in broad-day light to show his glittery pubic regions.

The movie has nominations in “Worst Picture” and “Worst Remake” and does not leave a compliment for itself , making its way into the top mood spoiling movies.

Cast: Matt Lanter, Jenn Proske, Chris Riggi, Diedrich Bader, Crista Flanagan, Jeff Witzke

Run Time: 122 minutes

Peep Buzz Rating: 2.1/10

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