Top 5 craziest business ideas that made millions of dollars

Thinking of selling stones for some quick bucks and become a millionaire overnight?. Guess what it’s already done and somehow it works. Having the craziest business ideas in today’s modern world to rack in some huge amount of money is not something rare to see anymore. You might be astonished as we go down to figure the number of crazy business ideas that made some folks purely rich in matter of days, and the best part is everyone started buying their products thinking of it as a trend.

Today in this article we will delve into the 5 craziest business ideas that made millions of dollars, so sit tight to have a look at most lunatic ideas to have been created.

Top 5 craziest business ideas that made millions

1. Selling rock as a pet

Pet rock one of the craziest business ideas to become a millionaire
Gary Dahl creator of Pet rock

Sometimes when all seems going wrong and non of the ideas are working, they say use the resources that are the most available to you to get back up on your feet, in this case Gary Dahl took it way too seriously by selling rocks in a packaged cardboard with holes that are made for ventilation. The company he created was Pet Rock , the company lasted about 1 year but still made him a quick millionaire without much work involved. This utterly mind boggling idea came to Gary Dahl when some his friends were discussing how annoying it gets to take care of their pets as they have to be fed and taken care of continuously.

Gary Dahl didn’t wait any longer to bring his crazy business idea into reality, he soon started to manufacture boxes that would soon include a pet rock inside it along with a 32 page training manual title The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock , that showed instructions on how to take care of the delicate rock. Funny enough, Dahl sold over 1 million rocks with each pet rocks costing $4 dollar, which made him almost $ 4 million dollar, making him a millionaire over night with this business idea.

2. Potato Parcel

Potato Parcel , a potato with a custom message
Potato Parcel with a short message

We had to include a business that appeared on the hit reality American TV show , Shark Tank which even got a deal struck with Kevin O’Leary , the Canadian Businessman also known as Mr. Wonderful. Creator Alex Craig came with a spontaneous idea to make customized messages on potatoes to be delivered to close ones for a quick laugh or to just a small gesture of thank you. It’s website Potato Parcel also has some quirky messages for you to select such as Haters gonna hate, taters gonna tate, We collected to buy you a gift. This is it., and our favorite Just wanted to “starch” your day with a smile.

Don’t be stunned but in the initial period Alex Craig earned a profit of $10000 to $13000 by selling his potatoes on social media platform Twitter. The company was later sold to Riad Bekhit and Bekhit said that he still manages to get a profit of $20000 each month from potato parcel.

3. Selling packaged air in bottles

Vitality air -  bottled air
Selling bottled air in Vitality air

Selling packaged water wasn’t enough therefore the need for bottled air came along. In one of the most astonishing and lunatic business ideas, bottled air was created for those people who didn’t have access to a clean and purified air. With increasing air pollution and air getting polluted with germs and bacteria, Vitality Air was created by Moses Lam to overcome this problem. Well, with basic commodities becoming sold by businesses we did expect air to be soon in the list.

Vitality Air came into existence in 2014 when they decide it was time to provide better quality air, some how it’s just hilarious isn’t it but anyhow they outdone themselves and convinced customers that they are entitled to to a much more cleaner and fresher air to breath in on a daily basis which led to the idea of selling bottled air known as Vitality Air- One Breath At A Time. As per CBC reports they found that the company is making an annual of $300K a year, considering it has been 10 years they made a total of $3 million dollars so far selling bottled air.

4. Selling Feet Pics

Selling feet pics- craziest business ideas
Selling feet pics

Yup that’s another unique trend that led many to sell their feet pics online for money. Chrissy who is a creator in the website known as Fun With Feet, sells her feet pictures for a hefty sum, as per reports from business insider, it was told that she earns a minimum of $5000 dollars which can be more during certain months. The 32-year-old Chrissy didn’t feel strange by selling her unique feet pictures for money.

Although she did receive stupid request from a client to send him a video of her feet where she washes the dirt off from her feet, for which the client paid her a sum of $300 dollar. Not a bad deal at all right? Chrissy eventually made it her full-time job with her revenue becoming higher with unique requests from her client, maybe the next business idea is to sell feet pictures afterall.

5. Selling Shit

Shit express selling shit to make money
Selling shit ( by Shit express)

One of the craziest business ideas on this list this is about a company that sold gluten-free kosher horse shit shit to earn millions, that company is Shit Express. In one of the most extra-ordinary business ideas, this shitty idea was based on sending a piece of shit to anyone anonymously who might be getting on your nerves. The best part is that this poop company made $10,000 worth of sales in just 31 days. Not an easy thing when it comes down to selling shit for money.

The company Shit Express was made by Peter works in a unique business model, the first thing is to select the type of animal excrement you want to send, fill in the address of the recipient and modify the package by adding any sticker you like, and finally pay using credit card or PayPal and remain anonymous as the company never reveals the identity.

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