Top 4 Zone 5 Fruits for Effective Weight Loss

Zone 5 fruits apple
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Zone 5 fruits are those fruits that grow in the cold temperatures between -10 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit as per USDA Hardiness. The Zone 5 targets the perfect climate conditions for these fruits to grow and thrive providing us with selected fruits that are also beneficial for our health and weight-loss journey. The fruits that grow in zone 5 are apples, pears, plums, peaches and many more.

Today, we will delve in to different types of zone 5 fruits which can help you in your weight loss journey and how it benefits you in achieving your goal of reducing your weight.

List of zone 5 fruits


Ever heard of the Phrase” An apple a day , keeps the doctor away”. Apple can also keep you weight in check by keeping you feel satiated. Apple has a low calorie density as it consists of roughly 84.7% water as per USDA. With apple being a fruit rich in its water percentage it makes it the perfect fruit with low calorie to aid in the weight loss journey.

It makes it filling food, subsequently lowering food craving and decreasing the amount of caloric intake. In a study conducted in 2020 by The Journal of Nutrition, it was found that apple have greater levels of satiety compared to its processed preparations such as apple juice. A 100 gram Apple has 2 gram of fiber makes it a good source of fiber for the body. Making it one of the zone 5 fruits that has to be added to the weight loss journey.

In a research done by Frontiers in Nutrition it was found that higher intake of fiber stimulates lower body weight along with reduced risk of getting fat. Fibers are essential in playing a vital role in aiding metabolic health of the individual.


Zone 5 fruits for weight loss peaches
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Peaches do resemble apples in term of its shape and size, but it comes in the family of plums and cherries. It is one of the most cherish zone 5 fruits which has various nutritional benefits along with a key add on in helping to reduce weight.

Peaches have approximately 88.3 g of water which make it a wonderful low calorie food. Peaches where known to be originally found in China. Peaches have antioxidants which react right after 30 minutes of consumption which help in the build of collagen. Peaches provide necessary nutrients and minerals required by the body during the weight loss. It offers small amounts of Vitamin K, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin C and fibers

Eating peaches have also known to prevent and reduce various heart diseases such as high cholesterol levels, subsequently allowing you to reduce weight significantly. It additionally helps in better digestion and is high in soluble fiber a the same time.


Pear are fruits which are rich in nutrients that promote benefits to health while promoting weight loss as well. Pears carry high nutritious value which is beneficial to overall health. Pears are known to contain antioxidants and provide 27-41 mg of phelnolics per 100g.

Pears are high in fiber as it contains 6 g per serving, their combination of low caloric count, high content of water and fiber makes it a perfect weight-loss- friendly food. With fiber keeping you full, it is highly likely you to avoid binge eating.

In 2008 , a research study was conducted where it was found that women had lost an average of 0. 84 Kg who added 3 pears a day in their 10-week diet journey. Pears have other benefits such as providing you with anticancer effects due to their chlorogenic acid contents.


Zone 5 fruits, cherries known for weight loss
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Cherries are another zone 5 fruits known to be one of the most delicious fruits and most consumed as a topping on desserts. But what you don’t know is , cherries are not only delicious but are the best low-calorie fruit that can be added to your weight-loss journey.

Along with supporting a healthy weight-loss journey, cherries help in reducing hypertension and also prevents cardiovascular diseases. In a study conduced on health benefits of cherries in 2018, it was found that cherries have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to prevent various chronic inflammatory diseases in an individual.

Cherries contain melatonin and tryptophan which enhances sleep. A glass of cherry juice can be help to those who have trouble sleeping, cherry juice contain sleep-inducing hormone which stimulates sleep among those who are sleep deprived.

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