Top 4 underrated south movies by top actors

Many movies come and go in the South movie industry that are either loved or hated by the audience, but there are some movies that remain underrated. Here are the top 4 underrated south movies which you definitely must watch.

2018: Everyone is a hero

This movie showcased the togetherness of people, the survival instinct and overall portrays the triumph over all odds during the floods in Kerela during the year 2018. This movie received great response from the public but unfortunately remained underrated as many folks haven’t seen this well crafted movie which the whole of India and especially Keralites deserve. If you want to watch a movie which would keep you you stuck to your seat till end, then this movie is definitely one to watch.

Anjaam Pathiraa (2020) Top 4 underrated Movie

The story is based on a serial killer who is on a loose. murdering all policemen that’s when psychologist Anwar Hussain jumps in to solve the case. He is introduced to the case by a friend who is the police department, the plot gets more sinister as Anwar tries his best to solve the crime but the criminal hatches different evil ways of killing the cops in the most brutal manner. This movie is well engaging movie which has surely been underrated in the cinematic industry.

777 Charlie (2022) Top 4 underrated movie

Dharma the character which is being played by Rakshit Shetty is living a lonesome and negative life which he isn’t able to navigate himself. A small pup named Charlie later enters his life which allows him to have a second chance at his life. This amazing friendship between the man and his best friend pup takes on a new perspective of life. It brings in all the mixed emotions allowing the audience to be engaged and definitely ending up having a teary eye by the end of the movie.

BhoothaKaalam (2022) Top 4 underrated movie

This Malayalam horror movie takes on the story of a son-mother duo when they have lost their grandma and are unable to bear the grief of her loss. Soon they start experiencing supernatural phenomenon around them which makes them question about themselves on their sanity. It becomes a trouble for them to distinguish the real from the unreal. Revathi the leading actress also received her first Kerala State Film Award for the best actress for playing her role in this movie. This underrated movie definitely deserves to reach the audience of India.

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