This lady has lost 50 pounds with this diet method

A lady named Gen Cohen has spent almost 10 years trying different kinds of diet to help her reduce weight but only in turn gain more weight than before.

At the age of 21-years-old she decided to try a new diet which would be much more sustainable for her.

Gen Cohen has spent nearly 10 years trying lose weight since the age of 12-years-old.

According to source “Cohen who is now 29-years-old told that she was suffering from weight for most of her life.

Gen Cohen 1
Gen Cohen loses 50 pounds. Credits: Business Insider

The 80/20 strategy:

Initially she started gaining weight in college, from which point she was unable to recognize herself in the mirror. She decided to go on a fitness journey but decided to take a different step towards a healthy lifestyle. That is when she decided to go on a 80/20 principal, In this kind of method, Cohen had to go on a high protein diet while having a small amount of calorie deficit.

Cohen was unable to see results for almost 3 months with this diet but she still stayed consistent which helped her lose 50 pounds in a year. With this diet strategy she been able to keep her weight off for almost seven years.

Cohen’s weight gain:

Cohen grew up in Connecticut , where she would always get involved in playing sports and that she was very energetic and playful during her young age but unfortunately she and her friends would often visit McDonald’s the fast food chain which added unhealthy carbs to her body.

When Cohen had shifted to San Diego , she would be eating outside daily as well as stop playing sports which had a huge impact toward her negative body image.

She often try protein supplements and different diets during her early stages but instead having a quick fix , it would often end up effecting her her more. She would lose 10 pounds then gain back 15 , lose 20 then gain back 30, she said. Her experience on diet shows how unsustainable weight loss diet can hugely impact your body and put it under pressure causing it to naturally regain weight.

Maintaining weight for seven years:

After Cohen lost weight she decided to focus towards maintaining it. She did mention that it wasn’t easy maintaining her body weight and that it took her a few trial and error before she was able to keep it stable.

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