Taylor Swift becomes lovey dovey with Travis Kelce after his win at Super Bowl!

Taylor Swift kisses Travis Kelce after his big win
Credits: Peoples Magazine

Without a doubt Travis Kelce has become a champion at Super Bowl again! Just like many of us watching the Super Bowl at home, during the finals of Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, singer Taylor Swift was definitely biting her nails. Luck and hard work favored Travis Kelce’s team and came out with with a trophy in hand.

Credits: NFL on CBS

Taylor Swift had come along with her best friends to watch her boyfriend’s match and you can definitely see the excitement in the video above, they jumped so hard that Taylor was almost going to get trampled.

After Taylor Swift jumped enough to celebrate her boyfriend’s win, she ran towards Travis Kelce and hugged each other tightly, the moment was definitely filled with a lot of joy, He definitely was happy that she was in his arms during his 2nd win. Have a look:

Credits: NFL on CBS

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