Sreeleela Hits and Flops Until Now

Sreeleela is one of the most happening actresses right now in the Telugu cinema, she has been continuously doing back to back films in the past few months which has been an extraordinary feat for any individual who is a new comer in the film industry.

It can be easily said that she is working very hard towards her goals in the film industry and it is associated that she will reach on the top of the position in the film industry within a few years.

But for now it’s seems that Sheela is not able to give many hits for the box office in the Telugu cinema. During one of the interviews Mahesh Babu who was her co-actor in the film Guntur Kaaram mentioned that she is a very hard working actress. She continuously focuses on her medical studies along with doing her professional acting in the movies as well. Lets see, Sreeleela hits and flops which are a definite part of her in this acting journey.

Information showing the list of Sreeleela's hits and flops movie through infographics
Sreeleela Hits and Flops infographic

All of Sreeleela Hits and flops until now:

Pelli SandaD (2021 film)

“Pelli SandaD” was the hit movie which was given by Shri Leela in the year of 2021 it was a debut movie in the Telugu movie industry this movie allowed her to big to the barriers of the Telugu cinematic industry. This movie was a hit as her debut , along with that she had given many amazing dancing frames in between the movies which gave the movie the push that it needed to become a hit in the film industry. This movie was definitely a turning point after her initial movie in the Kannada movie industry called “kiss”.

Dhamaka (2022 film)

“Dhamaka” movie became one of the top movie of Tollywood. In this movie Sreeleela could be seen having improved her acting along with that she gave amazing dance item numbers which became talk of the town in the Tollywood industry. After the hit of this movie her name was stamped in the Tollywood industry paving a path for her in the list of top heroines of the cinematic industry of Tollywood. Most of the viewers who watched this movie stated that the movie was all-round entertainer because of Sreeleela’s dance which they all enjoyed throughout the movie.

Skanda (2023 film)

Sreeleela was enjoying the two initial hits which she had given in the Tollywood industry but this movie came in as a big downfall towards her career, as this movie box officed at 59 crores while the budget of this movie was 50 crores. As per many of the critics, it was mentioned that the overall performance and the dance did not do much in favor of the movie. The action stunts and the political satire gave a negative impact towards the movie which created a big pit for it in the box office.

Bhagavanth Kesari ( 2023 film)

This movie was definitely an overall entertainer and a massive hit at the box office. Sreeleela could not afford to lose her chance in this movie she showcased her skill as a prominent actor within the Tollywood industry. she had improved her dance, she could overall express multiple emotions and could also fight like a professional. One of the biggest impact in the whole movie was the fighting scenes which allowed the movie to progress well in the box office. Sreeleela proved the point of the movie as the movie main focus of the film was on women empowerment.

Aadi Keshava ( 2023 film)

“Aadi Keshava” was another turning point again in Sreeleela’s acting career. A Telugu-language, action drama film which did not do well in the box office due to the negative impact and critic from the audience. Unfortunately Sheela was opposed by a big production house for which she doesn’t focus on the story line and decided to the score the movie which is quite sad as this movie did not allow her to progress in the acting career and cost a downfall instead of an upgrade towards her career. The main reason of the movie failing so badly in the theatres was due to its predictability which was told by many of its viewers.

Extra Ordinary Man ( 2023 film)

Extra Ordinary Man” might be one of the worst movies Sreeleela had to participate in. The movie definitely had many mixed reactions from its fellow viewers in audience but the movie did not do well in terms of action, story line or any matter of narration involved within the movie. She play a character which can be easily forgotten right after watching the movie and the movie does not play well as it doesn’t have a sense of logic within it. This movie can be considered as one of the worst movie in which she had to act.

Guntur Kaaram (2024)

“Guntur Kaaram” received mixed reviews from its audience both negative and positive, this resulted the movie to be averaged out in the theatres. The movie definitely showed a sense of entertainment while making sure that the story line was in place. The movie was slightly predictable yet commendable in terms of action, comedy and entertainment. Sreeleela played the role very well and the acting was on spot mean meanwhile also she got to showcase her awesome dancing skills within the movie.