Sam Bahadur movie review: The unforgettable Indian solider

An image of Vicky Khushal portray the great Indian Solider Sam Manekshaw in the movie Sam Bahadur

Review of Sam Bahadur: Meghna Gulzar’s most recent film dramatizes, without any subtlety, the exploits and witticisms of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw’s life.

Meghna Gulzar, the director, aims to make you chuckle. And yet, in the end, you fail to understand Sam Bahadur’s point at all. After leaving the theater, I felt as though I had just been given a new version of the yearly online listicle you read on Manekshaw, the man who was known for feeding the nation’s then-prime minister with humble pie, proudly sporting a bushy handlebar mustache and battle zone proverbs.

Today, December 1 is the day when the film “Sam Bahadur,” starring Vicky Kaushal, opens in theaters. The movie is based on the life and the great achievements of Sam Manekshaw, a valiant Indian Army veteran who served as the previous Chief of Army Staff and becoming the first field marshal of India.

Vicky Kaushal portrays Sam Bahadur, the main character. As per sources of OTT Play, Meghna Gulzar’s film was directed and produced on a ₹55 crore budget.

The overall collection of Sam Bahadur on Day 1

An image of Vicky Kaushal  as Sam in Sam Bahadur

According to industry tracker, almost 1,03,192 tickets have been sold in Hindi for advance booking, raising ₹3.05 crore. Sam Bahadur can make ₹6 crore in India net on its opening day, according to many predictions.

When examining the state-by-state distribution, it was found that Delhi had the highest true occupancy rates for all versions (22%), followed by Tamil Nadu (20%), Assam (17%), Telangana (16%), and Kerala (16%).

These numbers show robust and amazing regional performance, illustrating local favorite language in specific states. Sikkim, on the other hand, registered the lowest rate of occupancy, coming in at 0%, followed by Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh, at 3%.

What does the movie show about Sam Manekshaw’s character

An image of Vicky as Sam Manekshaw in the movie Sam Bahadur which has released on 1 dec 2023

Sam Manekshaw was a man with a various colorful emotions, who rose to become one of India’s best soldiers ever with his charm, humor, presence of mind, sense of justice for the people of India and a proud smile which always motivated the his fellow soldiers. The novel Sam Bahadur by Bhavani Iyer, Shantanu Srivastav, and Meghana Gulzar covers a wide range of significant historical moments that influenced Manekshaw’s character. The movie opens with Sam serving as a lieutenant in the British army in pre-independence India, illustrating how he was not always a rule-follower from a young age.

From his cadet years to his push through multiple ranks in Lahore, his friendship with General Yahya Khan prior to the partition, his being set up by a jealous colleague for anti-nationalist activities, his numerous transfers to different locations, and his appointment as Army Chief. Additionally, the writers intercut scenes of his family life, such as him meeting Sanya Malhotra, becoming a family, and his wife’s constant concern for his well-being, when they feel that the story needs a little polishing.

Conclusion of movie Sam Bahadur:

During the second half of the movie, the movie Sam Bahadur picks up speed as the narration turns to the 1971 war, in which India had assisted East Pakistan to become an independent country which is known as Bangladesh today. A song to honor and highlight the various units that make the formidable Indian army genuinely stand out is especially meaningful during the times when Sam traveled to the eastern front to inspire his soldiers. To give it a more genuine and real feeling to all the patriots, the movie has made an excellent usage of historical video footages to show the glimpse of the war.

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