Rose water uses for face in unlocking radiant skin

rose water uses for face
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There are many rose water uses for face, it is a natural Elixir in the human world, that has been celebrated through various centuries in different civilizations for its undoubted beauty benefits. Its usage began in the early ancient civilizations, where it was well known for its aromatic qualities and most importantly its dermatological properties. In today’s world we have various scientific research that has evidences of benefits of rose water uses in our daily life.

Rose water is made through a simple process of hydro-distillation of fresh roses, and it was first discovered by Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna in 10th Century. Persia. Over the years, various uses of the rose water have been found which we will discuss today, and how it benefits us ranging from antibacterial properties to anti-aging properties.

Maintains Skin’s pH value

rose water uses for face 2
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Rose water is known to have an average pH value ranging between 4.5 to 5 meanwhile the average pH value of tap water which we use on our face ranges from pH 6.5 to 8.8, any point lower than pH value 7 makes the face acidic. In a study in 2005, reported in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science that having pH levels below 5 is suggested.

One of the major rose water uses for face is maintaining pH value of the facial skin. When spraying rose water on face, it turns your outer skin slightly acidic forcing it to fight with germs and other microbes which might be damaging your face. It can be usually hard to maintain a consistent skin’s acidic levels, that is when benefits of rose water comes in as a savior by maintaining your skin’s pH value.

Has Anti-Aging Properties

In a study published in 2020, by Journal of Medicinal Food found that rose petal have extracts that have the ability to slow down the process of aging by become an Anti-Wrinkle agent for your skin. You will be shocked, but many beauty products that are found in the this massive cosmetic market often have rose water which is directly aimed at reducing wrinkles of your skin.

Rose water also has tannin and Vitamin C elements which work together in harmony to increase the production of collagen in your skin that tightens your skin.

Fights Skin Irritation

Rose Water is known to reduce overall skin irritation of skin due its anti-inflammatory properties. In a research study conducted in 2011, Journal of Inflammation found that rose extracts have therapeutic roles as anti-inflammatory agent on the human skin. Rose water stand out as gentle yet overachieving extract for its calming and soothing claims in the scientific realm.

Rose water which is created through a process of distillation has remarkable ability to reduce skin irritation, and is a go-to solution for individuals seeking fast relief from skin discomfort. These discomforts can be seen in various forms such as itching, rash, redness, or a burning sensation. These discomforts are invited through factors such as pollution and long period of sun exposure. Rose water comes in as a savior in this matter by allowing its skin-loving benefits to take effect.

Enhances Recovery of Scars

Scars heal through the natural process, when body elements such as white-blood cells take the leading role of healing the wounds in the skin tissue. With rose water having acidic properties it is also known to be a great anti-septic agent with antibacterial properties.

Rose extracts are found to have pharmacological effects when applied to the skin, it aids in expediting the process of healing the scars and reduce the visibility of scars during a longer period of usage. Furthermore, rose water’s hydrating properties allow the skin to remain moist, subsequently preventing scab formation that keeps the skin tissue soft and flexible, this process of keeping the skin cells hydrated plays an essential role in reducing the overall visibility of the scar.

Rose water uses for face to recover from scars is a known property for its high usage among many people who want to reduce the visibility of scars on their skin. It is to look better without having a mark that makes an individual feel more nervous on their facial appearance.

Aids in Reduction of Dark Circles

Rose water uses for face is due to its high held title as the miraculous elixir for the skin. One such advantage of using rose water is its aid in reducing dark circles. Dark circles are often formed due to various factors such as aging, stress, genetics and tiredness. They can be seen forming under the eye that showcase visible blood vessels after a period and can also look somewhat puffy and shadowed.

Rose water has elements of vitamin A and vitamin C that act as antioxidants that stimulates healthier rejuvenation of skin cells. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also help in reducing the puffiness under the eyes. People often suggest soaking cotton pads in pure rose water and placing them on your close eyelids, leaving them on it for 15 minutes that allow the properties of the rose water to work miraculously on your eye bags.

Acts As A Natural Cleanser

One of the biggest highlight of of rose water is it’s ability to act as a natural cleanser, removing impurities from the skin. Unlike many harsh chemical cleaners in the market that remove necessary natural oil from the skin, rose water cleans the face without disrupting the pH value of the face and allows the natural oils on the face to simultaneously protect the face from outside bacteria and infections which may cause various skin issues.

one of the benefits of Rose water is that it has mild astringent properties that allow it to tone the skin and tighten the pores while keeping the excessive buildup of dirt at bay for more clear complexion. Even with the its astringent properties the rose water doesn’t remove moisture from the skin allowing it remain supple and soft at the same time through locking moisture into the skin.

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