Rihanna faces backlash after collab with Puma

Rihanna faced trouble from fans after she unveiled a collab with Puma.

Rihanna was criticized on social media by fans after she unveiled her fashion collaboration with Puma. The backlash on social media came as Puma has been in the mid-crisis of getting boycotted.

Photos of the businesswoman and singer Rihanna were widely released on social media where she is seen wearing a new fashion look with a Puma shoe pressing on her face. The designs of the new Puma Creeper are a collaboration with the Fenty beauty brand.

An image of the latest Fenty Puma Creepers

Rhianna and Puma decided to bring the most desirable shoes of 2016 back to life with a classic and modern mix. Puma had also named the singer its creative director back in the year 2014.

Some users were very excited about the Collaboration of Rihanna Fenty with Puma to bring back the classic Puma creeper and filled up the comment sections on social media after the photos were released online.

Why are people trying to boycott Puma?

The boycott and backlash come after the recent war between Hamas and Israel which has escalated since day 1. Puma has faced much criticism after it sponsored the Israel Football Association. The boycott has been under a greater push after Hamas first launched rockets into Israel, killing more than 1000 people and taking more than 240 people as hostages.

The ongoing war has been halted as a major concern for Palestinian civilians has been raised. The Israeli troops have expanded their expansion in northern Gaza where many people have been residing there without water, electricity, or humanitarian aid.

The Puma has also faced many backlash before hand regarding it’s usage of Kangaroo leather for their football shoes. The boycott for Kangaroos leather had come from animal welfare organizations who demanded them to shift to vegan material. There was a huge debate from Kangaroo leather suppliers and animal welfare organizations.

A statement in July 2021 was made which stated that the IFA pitches were made on the land of Palestine settlements who were forced out of their homes by the Israeli troops, while Puma is the exclusive sponsor for IFA.




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