Re:Monster episode 2: What ability has Gobrou earned till now?

Precap before Re:Monster episode 2

In the opening scene of Re: Monster episode 1, we saw Tomokui Kanata meeting his unfortunate death by a women who continuously kept on stabbing him in his abdomen. After which he took birth as a green colored baby goblin. He initially was named Rou by an elderly goblin wo was taking care of the goblin children in the cave.

However, Gobrou has been able to remember everything from his past life and now in this life, he has made a promise to live his life to the fullest along with utilizing the ability from his past life where he is able to achieve powers of the from the flesh he is eating.

Goubrou must hunt different animals with different skills to excel in this world of survival of the fittest.

Gobrou finds the captive women dead

Poisoned women in Re monster
A still From Re:Monster

Gobrou who initially finds the captive women inside the storage room of the cave, are now dead after drinking poison who were unable to bear any more torture from the Hobgobs. The female humans who were captured by Hobgobs were meant to be part of their mating ritual so that they may bear goblin children inside their womb.

He therefore in respect of them. Burns their body on wood as small memorial towards those women who are now dead.

Arrival of the raiders

captive humans in re monster episode 2
A still from Re:monster episode 2

It’s Day 26 in the goblin world of re:monster and Gobrou is training all the goblins to make sure they are deemed fit as an army who would be capable of taking down strong enemies in future. Soon enough the raiders arrive with a bunch of loot with them including supplies for weapons, shelter and mating. Yes, mating!

The raiders bring 5 womn as captive with them that’s when Gobrou notices them. He doesn’t feel right about using the female humans as a medium for their mating ritual. He does understand the genes of the goblin are far superior in aiding the birth of a goblin even if mating with a female human.

He approaches the leader of the raiders, with a request to take care of the captive humans.

Gobrou the goblin leader

Hobsato in re monster
Hobsato and Hobsei, the mage in Re:monster

Gobrou is held by the leader that’s when, Hobsato and Hobsei the mage arrive to break them off and asks them to fight in the right manner to decide who would become the leader of the goblin clan. As we all know, Gobrou defeats the leader of the raiders by spinning the webs of the demon spider and entangles him in cocoon of web. One of the abilities he learned after eating the Demon Spider flesh.

He keeps the human captives in the different space of the cave and tells the females to stay calm. He adds that he doesn’t mean them any harm and will release them as soon as possible.

Taking care of the captives

women eating grub in re monster

Further more in Re:monster episdoe 2, Gobrou did not want to be the kind of person he was in his past life. Therefore, the next morning he visits them with some grub to eat which he made himself using few ingredients and utensils found within the storage. He later analyzed the 5 women out of which, the absent-minded girl was an appraiser and a smith, the two blonde sisters were cooks and tailers, the girl with glasses was an alchemist and the girl with the short red hair was a rookie warrior.

In the later scene when he was sleeping, he found that the leader of the raiders tried to enter the room of the captives and that is when Gobrou caught them red-handed and decided to punish them for their deeds eventually resulting in the death of the leader of the raiders known as Hobken.

Defeating the Tri-Horn Horse

Tri Horn Horse
The tri-horn horse

This was the first time that Gobrou, Gobkichi and Gobmi attacked a Tri-horn horse who’s armor was comparatively more sturdy then any other animals they had defeated before. After eating the Tri-horn flesh Gobrou gained skills namely Scale Drive, Scaled Horse’s Cry, Quick Healing, Kick Proficency, Pierce Proficency Up, Triple Thrust.

The training of the goblin village is increasing too with Gobkichi being the head of the armored unit, Gobmi training the ranged unit, Hobsato handles the mobility-oriented, light-armored force, Gobe running the the head of rear support and Hobsei the only mage of the village acting as the captain of the mage division.

Meeting the crimson red bear

meeting the crimson red bear
The crimson red bear

One of the most exciting part of Re:monster episode 2 is the fight between Crimson Red Bear and Gobrou. When Gobrou was beginning his life as goblin, The elderly of the village told them that no goblin should not enter the Northern woods as there lives a Massive and crimson creature known as Red Bear.

The fight against the Red Bear was tough for Gobrou, he noticed that the bear had a high level of instinct. When he cast an attack spell on the bear, the Red Bear instinctively sacrificed his right arm to avoid any damage on the body.

Eventually, Gobrou is able to push the blade inside of the bear’s mouth but it still doesn’t falter. During the end we can that Gobrou has lost one of his arm and the Red Bear’s Head is on the Ground.

What skills Gobrou recieves after eating tri-horn horse?

After eating the Tri-horn flesh Gobrou gained skills namely Scale Drive, Scaled Horse’s Cry, Quick Healing, Kick Proficency, Pierce Proficency Up, Triple Thrust.

What is Re:Monster episode 3 release date?

Re:Monster episode 3 will release on April 15, 2024.

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