Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 1?

Solo Leveling Manhwa 1
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Solo Leveling Chapter 1 Intro

10 years back into the past, “Gates” which are also known as entries and exit between the human and magic beasts realm start to opening up. After which, a few chosen members among the population received powers to hunt monsters through the process of awakening.

They are known as “hunters’ who are categorized in a ranking system from A to E , E being the weakest. The category “S” are special hunters with highest flow of magic within them, they are also known as hunters with second reawakening.

Solo Leveling Chapter 1 Synopsis

The Solo Leveling Chapter 1 begins with the MC mentioning his name Sung Jinwoo, an E-rank hunter , who has continuously risked his life in low rank dungeons to earn money . Sung Jinwoo who has also been referred to the “World’s Weakest”.

Sung Jin-Woo found himself within a Rank D dungeon with high difficulty to earn more money. The expedition didn’t go right and he found himself accepting death, but suddenly he receives extraordinary magical powers, and an awkward display quest log which only he could see.

He found himself a secret to leveling through the ranks by completing those quest logs that rewarded him with more power. Changing his weakest hunter status to the strongest S-rank Hunter status with this hack.

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Where to read Solo Leveling chapter 1?

Solo Leveling Chapter 1 can be read in Web Novel, or the official Kakao Novel publisher.

What is the name of MC in Solo Leveling?

Sung Jinwoo is the MC in Solo Leveling .

Who is Sung Jinwoo wife?

Cha Hae-in is the wife of Sung Jinwoo who is also the vice-guild master of Hunters Guild and an S-rank hunter.

What is the name Solo Leveling season 2?

The upcoming season 2 of Solo Leveling will be called Solo Leveling: Ragnarok.

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