Rabituza Characters We Just Love

If you follow anime, especially Shangri-La Frontier, then you must know about Rabituza characters in the Rabituza realm, which becomes a journey for the bird-man called Sunraku. The best thing is many players end up visiting Rabituza, but Sunraku becomes one of the first players to visit the Palace of Rabituza, where he meets different rabbit anime characters that we just love. Here are the Rabituza Characters we just love.

Rabituza characters emul and vysache

Vysache the Badass Bunny

It would be wrong to not start off Rabituza characters with our very own badass bunny “Vysache” also known as Vaisuasshu, which is true to his name because ‘Vy” means to wake or to get up while “sache” means genuine meaning together “a True wake up call”.

If you take it into consideration it definitely was a true wake up call for Sunraku, when he took him under training to wake up his Vorpal soul. Vysache took a liking towards him after his fight with the black night Lycagon. Akio Ôtsuka is the man behind the voice of Vysache.

Vysache can be seen usually wearing a traditional baby pink cape cape with rabbit imprints on it along with a fluffy white edge. He also wear something very similar to an amulet which resembles like a cotton ball amulet. Vysache looks so serious that Sunraku thought him as a Yakuza boss as he entered with something almost like a cigar in his mouth during the first meet up.

Vysache is also known to be a Divine craftsmen, one of the rare craftsmen in the Shangri-La frontier game that have the ability to increase the power of a weapon to its true nature.

Vysache is also rumored to be one of the seven colossi, as he is a monster with a unique title. Along with his shadow image which can be seen in one of the Shangri-La Frontier Manga posters.

Emul the cutie

Emul on the other hand is lesser of the vorpal soul, she is the daughter of “Vysache” and more of the cutie that we just want to cuddle and adore. Emul is also known as Emuru and is one of the cutest characters in Rabituza that is more fascinated with carrot then any other other rabbit residing there. Emul is also the guide of Sunraku during his unique quest scenario known as “Invitation from Rabituza”.

Emul has well versed knowledge in magic and also has the ability to shapeshift into a human when she wants also known as Metamorphose. One of the most used magic of Emul is Magic scroll teleport which she uses to teleport any being or herself to any chosen place when she wants. The cute voice behind Emul kwaii character is given by Rina Hidaka.

Emul is only one of the few handful NPC characters that cares about Sunraku and tries its best to help him out during any quest or battle.

Bilac the craftsmen

Bilac who is also known as Byirakku is Emul’s older sister and who is also a blacksmith just like her father. Bilac is one of Rabituza characters who is known to be very highly skilled blacksmith and therefore , you can see Sunraku always going around her to ask her to make new weapons for him.

Comparatively, Bilac is slightly a bit more manly and is brown and has more fur then her other sibilings. You can see her cover her body mostly with tight bandage is because her fur has outgrown her body. Bilac is a very serious about her passion and job as a blacksmith as she plans to take on her father’s legacy who is titled as an ancient craftsmen and Divine craftsmen.

She has a good relationship with Sunraku because of which he always brings rare monster material to her, so that she may forge new and stronger weapons for him. Sunraku also needs her help continously, so he helps her to train and get to the title of Divine craftsmen.

Bilac has loves studying archeology which makes her well-versed in ancient technology and material which help her forge better and unique weapons for battles.

Who is the voice actor of Vysache?

The voice actor of Vysache is Akio Ôtsuka

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