Popular waterfalls near Old Courtallam Waterfalls Room for you to visit

If you’re looking to explore the beauty of nature in his sunny bright summer, visiting waterfalls could be a part of you travelling list. One such destination that provides visitors with many natural wonders surround it is the Old Courtallam Waterfalls Room located in Tamil Nadu. In this travel article, we’ll discover some of the popular waterfalls near Old Courtallam Waterfalls that you can visit during your exploration of Tamil Nadu.

Best Time to Visit the waterfalls in and around Old Courtallam Waterfalls

The best time to visit these popular natural wonders is between June and September. As during this time, the waterfalls flow at its peak due to the monsoon season in Tamil Nadu , which also stimulates lushy green growth around the waterfalls making it a delight to the eyes whilst making it a picturesque location too.

Five Falls Kutralam – The 5-segment Fall

Five Falls located near Old Courtallam Waterfalls Room in Tamil Nadu
Five Falls Kutralam (image via: Kanyakumarians)

The Kutralam Five Falls or also known as Aintharuvi is a part of the group known as the Courtallam Falls. The Five Falls is just located 2km away from the famous Old Courtallam Waterfalls. The Name of Five falls come from its distinctive 5- segmented steps which creates small terrace pool at each levels. The water is refreshing and crystal clear and cooling allowing one to get away from this sweaty summer heat for once. The visitors are invited to take a deep in this cooling natural wonder. As per a blog in wonder of falls,

The Five Falls is known to have Ayurvedic and medicine properties as the water flows from grooves and plantations that have natural healing process for the body which hints the reason why it such a famous waterfall among the many located in the Courtallam area of Tamil Nadu. Railings are made around the area of the Five Falls which separate the crowd on basis of genders, one side being allocated to the ladies and children while the other is allocated to the men.

How to reach Kutralam Five Falls

The Kutralam Five falls can be reached taking a private cab from the main town of Courtallam which is just 15 minutes away as it is just 4 kilometers away from Courtallam Bus Station.

You can also take an auto rickshaw from the Bus Station of Courtallam which can cost from Rs 55 to Rs 80 depending on the kind of bargaining you do with the driver.( Hope your bargaining skills are good)

Main Falls Courtallam aka Peraruvi

Main falls in Courtallam town
Main Falls (image via: TripAdvisors)

Main Falls Courtallam also known as Peraruvi is a majestic Waterfall located in the region of Old Courtallam Waterfalls Room located at distance of 8 kilometers away from it. This spectacular Waterfalls is surrounded by lush greenery while allowing visitors to enjoy the spectacular view of this water which is one of the tallest waterfalls with a height of 60 meters. Visitors come here to enjoy and rejuvenate their mind and are also suggest by local people to drink the water from this falls as it contains Ayurvedic properties which help prevent digestive and urinary problems.

Even with the height being so great the waterfalls is safe for visitors at is it stopped by a 19 meter deep crater in between the waterfalls reduced the impact of the waterfall heavily. At the bottom of the waterfall, there is a worship place dedicated to Lord Shiva and Kuzhalvaimozhi. Do not be afraid as the this waterfalls has divided sections for Ladies and children and Men

How to reach Main Falls Courtallam

Both private and government buses are available from the town of Tenkasi which is 6 km away from the Main Falls meanwhile private auto or share vans are also available from Tenkasi that cost anywhere between Rs 65 to Rs 100.

Tiger Falls aka Puli Aruvi

Tiger falls surrounded with dense green forest
Tiger Falls (image via: Flickr)

One of the closest waterfalls to Courtallam bus stand is Tiger Falls also known as Puli Aruvi at a distance of 2 kilometers. This waterfall unfortunately falls short to its name which is Tiger Falls as it is one of the smallest waterfalls which is more suitable for senior citizens and children. The name is a reference to the tigers that often spotted around the falls to quench their thirst. This falls is located between Old Courtallam Falls and Main Falls making it one of the most easily accessible falls around the town.

This waterfalls is used by the local people for irrigation and other farming purposes along with recreational purpose of taking bath within the pool that is created by the small waterfall. This waterfall was also known to be a favorite place for poets and saints who would often come here for inspiration and peace of mind.

How to reach Tiger Falls

The best option to reach this water fall is by a local auto rickshaw as it is only located 800 meters away from Courtallam City which would cost around Rs 30- Rs 50.

ShenbagaDevi Falls

Shan baga Devi Falls
Shanbaga Devi Falls (image via; Tamil Nadu Tourism)

One of the renowned waterfalls in the region of Courtallam, which can be easily accessed from the Main falls. Located only at a distance of 3 kilometers from the Courtallam bus stand. The name of the ShenbagaDevi falls comes from the nearby village known as Shenbaga Devi and a dedicated temple to Goddess of Shenbaga Devi ( the incarnation of Goddess Durga) located in the naturally green dense forest.

The water falls from a great height of 42 meters into the pool of water at the base. This waterfall is surrounded by breathtaking views offering visitors a glimpse of nature’s beauty at its best. The pool at the base of the waterfall is a perfect spot for visitors who want to take a dip to cool off the heat from the sun.

The poll of the waterfall s big enough for a large joint family to enjoy themselves in its waters. Unfortunately, the visitors are stopped by official authorities to enter the waterfalls during peak monsoon season that causes heavy flow of water.

How to reach Shenbagadevi falls

ShenbagaDevi waterfalls can be reached by hiking for half an hour from Main falls ( Peraruvi), which can be very steep and has a very rocky path.

Palaruvi Falls

Pelaruvi Falls
Palaruvi Falls (image via: Kerala Tourism)

The final one in our listicle of popular waterfalls around Old Courtallam Waterfalls is Palaruvi Falls. It is located at a distance of 35 kilometers form Old Courtallam Waterfalls, which is surrounded by dense forest and rocky terrain. The name of Palaruvi in Tamil language refers to ” Stream of Milk” due to the whitish appearance of the waterfall while falling from a height of 300 feet.

This three-step waterfall waterfalls is well known for its medicinal properties and is known to carry healing properties as reported by the local resident of the nearby village of Kollam. The waterfall is popular for having picnics and enjoying the serene and beautiful environment of the nature. This is also the only waterfall in the list which requires a entry fee which is Rs 25 for pupils above 13 years old and Rs 10 for children aged 5 to 13 years old.

How to reach Palaruvi Falls

The best way to reach this waterfalls is by hiring a private cab which takes about 1 and half an hour to reach. The price of the private cabs can range depending on the seasons.

You can also take KL buses from Tenkasi which cost around Rs 50 to Rs 60 to reach Palaruvi Falls.

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