Peep Buzz Tips 101: How to get a jawline fast

Having a chiseled jawline has been trending among young people in recent years, a feature of the face that improves our overall facial feature. Today, we delve into the topic ” How to get a Jawline Fast” a question that has been reminiscing in many young folks minds.

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Before we dig into, how to get a jawline fast in few steps mentioned below which involves jaw exercises such as mewing , neck curl-ups along with the right diet. Have you ever noticed how people notice your face first whenever you meet them or attend interviews. it’s not surprising as your face shows others whether you are confident or not? And having that perfect jawline could be an extra boost in your self-esteem when you meet up with new people or might as well just show off in front of others with you sharp jawline that turns heads around where ever you go.

Think about this why is Robert Pattinson the actor from Twilight Series is loved by the ladies or how about taking even Henry Cavill who played as Superman , one reason for him to be suited for the role could be his sharp and manly jawline. The jawline eventually disappears when fat adds extra layer in your neck and around your jaw area causing your jawline to reduce.

We have curated few exercises suggested by Dr. Scott Michael Schreiber and Cristina Osorio in Healthline and diet which could be helpful in reducing your jawline and making it much for defined.

1. Neck Curl-up

The Neck Curl-up is suggested by Dr. Scott Michael Scriber, an exercise that is almost similar to you doing crunches for your abdominal. The process starts with you lying on your back with the tongues pressed against the roof of the mouth this helps in activating the frontier neck muscles.

  1. Slowly bring your chin towards your chest and lift the head off from the ground while making sure to not lifting you abdomen or poking you chin outwards.
  2. As a beginner it is recommended to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions which rest of about 10 to 20 seconds, and the sets can be gradually increased as you in increase your frequency in the exercise. But, make sure to not strain your neck muscles by over-doing it the first time.
  3. Take your time to do this exercise as you do not want to cause any injuries to your neck while doing this exercise and also avoid fast neck movements in a hurry to finish off the exercise.

2. Making Vowel Sounds

Making vowel sounds is suggested by Cristina Osorio , the exercise aids in targeting muscles around your lips. This exercise is very simple that would allow your face to do a basic exercise and defining your jawline.

  1. Wide open your mouth then say the letter “O”, which is followed by the letter “E”.
  2. Make sure exaggerate this letter while trying to pronounce it. Also be sure to not touch your teeth or show them while doing so.
  3. This exercise can be performed for 3 sets of 15 repetitions which can gradually increase over time.

3. Water gives you a chiseled jawline

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One of the key factors that is often under looked is drinking water that directly affects our jawline feature. Drinking water is known to help improve the circulation of blood blow around our body and also promotes hydration in our skin. As skin absorbs moisture from the water you drink, it acting as an agent that promotes elasticity of your skin. It slowly help in tightening your skin which also helps in avoiding the finer thin line and wrinkles to be reduced. One of the ways to know whether you skin has enough water or not is to pinch it and see if it bounces back. If the skin bounces back, it means that your skin has good hydration.

4. Nibbling on Hard Food

Dry fruits including almonds , cashew, walnuts for chiseled jawline

Often we prefer soft food while avoiding the hard food but nibbing on hard food is the answer to “how to get a jawline fast”. Dry fruits such as walnuts, pistachios, cashews and almonds come to aid in this section, dry fruits along with providing nutrition and ample amount of protein to the body. It also acts as an exercise for better chewing. The more you chew, the more exercise your jaw gets, this helps in improving your jaw while burning fat around the jaw areas and your neck. Other options for chewing include, chewing gums for strengthening you jaw muscles and having sugar canes.

5. Mewing to get that sharpness

Mewing had to be on this list of getting jawline fast, mewing which is a very popular ninja technique among the ocean of jawline exercises on social media. Mewing became famous gradually among young teenagers who wanted sharp jawline , as per some people mewing has helped them gain sharp jawline and have showed their result on various social media platforms. Unfortunately, there has been no scientific evidence towards but it is always worth a try since there is no harm in it.

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