Patna Shuklla film review: An Odd Heroic Try

Patna Shuklla film review – Raveena Tandon does her best to portray Tanvi Shukla in Patna Shuklla. But becomes a dull heroic effort through out the movie.

Patna Shuklla Film Review
Patna Shuklla Film Poster

Patna Shuklla Film Review Rating:

Director: Vivek Budakoti, Rajendra Tiwari

Producer: Arbaaz Khan

Cast: Raveen Tandon, Anushka Kaushik, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Manav Vij, Jatin Goswami, Satish Kaushik, Raju Kher

Run Time: 125 minutes

Available on: Disney plus Hotstar

Language: Hindi

Patna Shuklla Film Review Analysis

Patna Shuklla is a story revolving around Tanvi Shukla (portrayed by Raveena Tandon) a Patna-based lawyer. A not so regular Shukla ji who shifts from debating in the district court over small trivial matters. Begins to go to supreme court to fight against the entire educational system.

The movie is moving around the topic which is still a huge topic among the public. Especially for students giving their exams in Bihar. As a student you would either pass or fail, based on your preparation.

regarding the subject of your exam but in this case film “Patna Shuklla” tries to uncover the truth which has been seeping through the history of greedy educationalist.

The film shows how Tanvi’s journey changes entirely when she take upon the case of Rinki Kumari (portrayed by Anusha Kaushik) an underprivileged B.Sc. student who fails her final-year exams.

This makes Shukla did deeper into the matter of this, where she finds out that there is more to it then what meets the eye. There is marksheet scam that is being taking place under a powerful chief minister who takes advantage of corrupt university to fail unsuspecting students and ruining their future while improving the life of the wealthy and under the support of politics.

Patna Shuklla : A Same Template

The film follows a very similar kind of template giving the leading character a purpose in her journey while allowing her to regain the respect she once had among her peers and family members. The movie focused on the theme of educational scams such as “Why Cheat India”, “Bakshak” and “Farrey”. You will be surprised to know that “Farrey” is a drama co-produced by Salman Khan FIlms which follows “Patna Shuklla” that is produced by Salman Khan’s elder brother, Arbaaz Khan.

Patna Shuklla Film Review: Portraying Tanvi is Hard

The movie is not very complex as it aims to go through a very realistic and simple path. As it showcases various scenarios showing how Tanvi is much different than how people assume her to be, especially her husband.

Raveena, who is a splendid actress can be seen struggling in the movie no matter how hard she tries to portray the image of the heroic Tanvi Shukla.

Patna Shuklla Film Review: No Shine for other artists

Except Raveena who plays the pivotal role in film. Every other artists seem to be struggling to come out of their shell and have their extra ordinary moments. Anushka Kaushik, the main element of the story line of film also is being left out without a shine.

From Manav Vij who plays the role of the husband to Satish Kaushik who plays the role of Judge all unfortunately lost their moments in the movie. Which makes us wonder, was their characters presence of any matter. The only one who got to bring out his character was Jatin Goswani who played as the antagonist.

Patna Shuklla Film Review: Verdict

The film is definitely missing on an entire opportunity which is being present to it on a plate full of fruits. The movie is taking itself into an overdramatic concept, which fails to provide the real rawness of the court room which should be present.

The movie’s main character Tanvi seems to be just there for the sake of being there as a lawyer. Meanwhile, Rinki Kumari who is suppose to be the main character from whom the story line begins. But doesn’t shine as much as we expected her to, making it all the mother just a one-time, average watch.

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