Why we love Nikhil Vijay as Shampy in United Kacche

Nikhil Motghare who is also known as Nikhil Vijay on the television platform. Nikhil is known for many of his roles , but his role as Shampy who is an illegal immigrant in United Kingdom is one of the best. Nikhil Vijay‘s role Shampy is too good to be true character with both his humor and quirkiness which makes the perfect fit as a Bangladeshi illegal immigrant who also shows his friendship in the best way possible. We will dig deep deeper into why Nickel Vijay’s role as Shampy is so adored.

Dialogue timing

One of the main reasons why Nikhil Vijay’s performance a “Shampy” was so perfect was because of dialogue delivery at the right time in the right manner. His dialogue delivery with the Bengali accent along with Humor, wit and timing makes it a hard to ignore one-liners right from the very beginning. His dialogue spontaneity is familiar with his fan base while earning him compliments for his everlasting comic timing. HIs dialogues don’t seem to be pushed over to much making it seem more realistic to its viewers for which Nikhil is very well known for.

His simple dialogue delivery of the one liner “Please Mera Izzat mat Lutna Baise hi Bohot Kum Hai” when he gets caught by the British Cops in the strip club, makes us want to laugh non-stop.

Underdog Optimism of Shampy

Shampy shows the viewers, the true meaning of being an underdog with a commendable determination to work around any problem. His continuous optimism in ” United Kacche” makes his life journey resonate with its viewers. He is your go to guy for any solution when you at the edge of falling because he is going to be your best Bengali friend who would try to find that Bright path in the middle of all chaos. Because trust us in his optimism when he says ” Oh ma gu True Lub” even when its definitely not his first love for sure.

The Perfect Jugaadu

Shampy is not the normal kind of Jugaadu that you would come across on a daily basis. He knows when to do what, and what to use when, He is a real character, you need in the crisis of Inflation and scarcity because there is no better person than him. In one of the scenes he barges out of the house while trying to wear a shirt and explains to his home owner that ” Aaj toh main tooth paste se baal dho liya ” This method is not recommended in life but it surely shows Shampy doesn’t care of availability. He will use what ever is around him as the best substitute.

Protective friend and lover

Shampy isn’t your ordinary friend who would sideline you when he sees trouble coming towards you , instead he would go bare chest and stand eye to eye with the problem. Imagine the heights he would go if he were to fall in love with you. In one of the scenes in ” United Kacche” you notice Shampy going all loco for the British friend of Daisy, who comes over for a Halloween party at their home. During a conversation of Shampy and the new guest, he says in the sweetest way possible ” I will protect you, I know black magic“. This is the kind of extent, he is willing to go for you.

Shampy is the perfect example of a character who is friendly, witty and outgoing person that is sure to brighten your day even in the eye of the storm. He isn’t like your regular persona. His captivating character, underdog optimism, perfect jugaadu and a protective friend give’s him the spot as one of the most beloved character’s in the Indian Web Series.

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