Netizens Angry: Sidharth spotted holding Raashii’s hands

In a recent promotional event a video has stirred controversy across the Internet, netizens became furious after Sidharth spotted holding Raashii’s hands. This has caused a heated controversy and debate among fans especially those who are huge fans of the beloved Kiara Advani.

Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra had tied the knot on February 7, 2023 in an intimate ceremony in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Kiara and Sidharth Malhotra’s love and chemistry has become a major relationship goals for many lovely dovely couples in India.

Reaction from Kiara Advani’s fans:

Kiara Advani’s fans love her and closely keep themselves updated on Kiara Advani’s life. This time the fans seemed very disappointment and took to social media platforms to express their fluctuating emotion regarding the intimate gesture between Sid and Raashii at the promotional event of the upcoming movie ” Yodha”.

Kiara Advan's fan comments on Siddharth holding co-actors hand in public
Sidharth gets trolled for holding hands of his co-actor

Many fan’s showed emotions of feeling jealous on behalf of Kiara, some mentioned that such a gesture is fine within the boundaries of on-screen acting but is not appropriate in public as a married person.

Comments made on “Sidharth spotted holding Raashii’s hands” on Instagram:

Captured video of raashii trying to hold Sidharth's hand at the Yodha's promotional event
Raashii trying to hold Sid’s hand

An Instagram user mentioned “He’s married why is he doing this”, an Instagram verified user wrote “on behalf of Kiara i’m jealous” and another thought of just directly writing ” Why are they behaving like a married couple”

Seems like Kiara’s fans are not going to the heat of this controversy cool down so easily without a proper statement by Kiara’s loving husband on this hand holding gesture.

The same kind of response was seen from netizens over heated debate when Dhanashree posted a story of hugging her best friend.

Promotional event of Yodha

Sidharth Malhotra is all set to for another amazing solider movie after a Box Office success of “Shershaah”, which had left the audience wanting more from both Kiara and Sidharth. The movie revolves around a solider with the prime focus towards his sense of responsibility.

Sidharth has mentioned his mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety for his on-screen character of a solider in “Yodha”. He has showcased exceptional acting skills and his true commitment towards his role.

The public is truly excited for the new movie, but the question remains will this small heated controversy affect the overall reputation of the upcoming movie, will it hurt the sentiments of Kiara’s fan? Let’s hope for the best.

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